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Alexandr Kochubey says:

Nice video. Would you like to have another video?

Alex Wright says:

I’ve got a 5 door a1….

Fuad Saud says:

is it better than the golf 7?

PussMag says:

if you can tune the shocks and turbo the YARIS, you can call it a Lexus

LS R says:

The car is a beauty. I was looking at one today, the 3 door version, and
the only bad part is the back! My height is 1.68 mts. and while sitting in
the back my head touches the frame for the back door, no matter how I try
to seat. Don´t know if it changes in the Sportback version for the A1, but
it would be a great car for someone who doesn´t need to carry people that
often, almost never. I drive an A3 Sportback and love it, and if I had a
lot of money and needed a second car, this would be it.

Emiliano Rodriguez says:

@wilsonredjj Well this one and the DS3 have to be compared to a Mini, they
cost roughly the same and they are both the same type of car, since they
were designed to compete in that specific segment, so comparisons to a Mini
are understandable. Which one would you rather have? By the way.

MrPheral says:

haha…very funny

yojgee says:

I want this car. :(

Fraser Dougan Visualisation says:

That’s false now by the way, 5 door model has been out for quite some time

adimadmanz says:

why are you comparing audi a1 with a polo and skoda ina audi with 1.4 you
get turbocharged engine with 185bhp i you can get that in polo and skoda
but at the same price as audi and i would go for audi i mean it is an audi

Armando Hernandez says:

Its like really weird that in Mexico its available since 2010 and it is
still not in the US market!! I have already my A1 and its amazing!

subaruWRC19 says:

I hope to sse the review from the AUDI A1 SPORTBACK soon ! :)

shonor6 says:

“And this plus the nippy turbo charged engines means that…”

JackVauxhallPM says:

The VXR’s tend to be Opel designed more. Monaros/VXR8s have a couple of
vauxhall touches here and there as they change some things. VX220 is Lotus
based however just about everyone including me say that its better than the
elise, it really is much better. The GTE’s were some of the best. The Lotus
Carlton would still compete with many modern fast cars and at the end of
the day who wouldn’t love the Lotus Carlton. My older brother used to have
a Honda Integra type-r.

okiedoke says:

get the a1. they come in 5door too

Mindaugas J says:


awychoi says:

Normally he drives away, but this time he walks away…I wonder…

CoreMaster111 says:

The rear looks so damn ugly…

ColteeYT says:

I’m sorry i didn’t know the cars were so expensive there… i hope i helped

hellomoto170 says:

this comes in 5 door too…

omar matar says:

never mind …. someone put the comment with my account :P

Tyrone Ross says:

To owners of the A1. Does your read “door” make noise. The one on my car
does, even after I adjusted those rubber screws. Any solutions?

hello9949 says:

@emotivesoloing A VW Polo here in Britain costs a minimum of £10,000
(760,000 Indian Rupees) depending on the model and an Audi A1 here costs a
minimum of £13,000 (990,000 Indian Rupees)

emotivesoloing says:

@hello9949 Nope. VW Polo is much cheaper here in India($13,023 USD) cos its
assembled here locally but Audi a1 is a complete imported package. Costs
about 42,662 USD. Audi however has a production plant in India but they r
assembling A4, A6, Q7 etc but no A1 as of yet. If they do, much cheaper and
a tough competition for other premium small car brands.

mlps93 says:

theres 5 door avaliable soon in some markets

Ngamer834 says:

You’d expect it to be more upmarket considering the price compared to more
practical rivals.

Armando Hernandez says:

@road2stamfordbridge They do in Latin America ;)

AlexanderrrL says:

I saw it on the road and it`s extremely ugly. Shitty design!

051234darren says:

mate, shut the fuck up with your red neck japanese thinking

YoMinecraftChicken says:

i would go for the a1.

ColteeYT says:

I can ensure you, being that i’ve driven the Abarth, that it’s particularly
firm. It does have a very punchy set of engines, but overall i think you’d
be better off just biting the bullet and gettting yourself some more
expensive car, if you can afford it. For instance, around the price of
30-40k the Porsche Boxster is a winning bet… but if money is limited the
Corsa VXR or Ford Focus ST would be the choice.

rabitman3000 says:

coor that is ugly

DeterminedFC says:

can someone advise me wether to get the 1.6td or the 1.2??

Emiliano Rodriguez says:

@TheClubshaker No way. A Seat Ibiza is incredibly ugly, the A1 is gorgeous.
The Ibiza has an incredibly cheap interior, and it has nearly no quality,
unlike the Audi.

motasana castillo says:

I want this car too! so chic

shonor6 says:

Audi A1 with 12,500 Miles or A3 with 31,000? The A3 is a bit cheaper (by
2000 USD), but has a 1600 petrol rather than a 1.4 TFSI.

thefakeguy says:

i want one. how much do they go for?

2steps says:

@laskonstas euhm just so you know the problems on the DS3 are terrible, you
drive a toy car, its all plastic. unlike the audi whos actualy made of good
materials. and if you dont want your car anymore in a year of 4/5 you get a
decend price for the audi unlike the crappy citroën if you got the choice
go for the A1, you will regret it if you choose the DS3 instead

roggerfrogger2 says:

@subzzzuk1 yes

2steps says:

@laskonstas thats the same thing my friend thought, now he has the car for
almost an year and he had to bring it in to the garage like almost every 2
months, then again my uncle has the c5 full option, its a verry nice car
except he has the same problem as my friend bring it in allot, as i say
citroen is no quality its full bugs and cheap materials, unlike the audi,
dont get me wrong i dont say the audi is perfect, but i rather spend an
extra 2000 on a real car, then a unfinished car

Tarikace15 says:

I like it,will get it.

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