Audi A1 Quattro MTM 380 HP Review (English Subtitles)

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The A1 Quattro is a very special and rare car. But with its 265 BHP it is a bit like a Golf R for double the price. MTM took this A1 and made it even more special! It now has 380 BHP and 505…


MultiNikos91 says:

Can you make acceleration video and thank you for honest review about price.

AutoTopNL says:

Ongeveer 65.000 euro zonder de MTM Tuning

Official lol Skills says:

daar koop je een porsche boxter van haha. maar alsnog mooie auto en mooi
geluid en goede review!

AutoTopNL says:


BluesEyePeas says:

my left ear enjoy this review

AutoTopNL says:

Dank je!

Luis Tellez says:

Golf R win motherfuckers. Das auto.

TPBeastt says:

380, it is said in a title of a vid.

Official lol Skills says:

en hoe duur is die auto dan eigenlijk? :p

TheScooder says:

whats BHP?

AutoTopNL says:

There already in one! check the accelerations playlist on the channel

Andi li says:

Cant hear what he says !?

Robert s says:

this car much better than girls :))

rainer lindenthal says:

I want to buy One but the only Build 333 Cars fuck you audi i want it

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