Audi A1 Quattro: The S1′s super-rare predecessor – XCAR

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Aiden Cameron says:

Audi should get into rallying again.


needs the 5.2L V10 mid mounted

Connor Kingston says:

Screw that the normal 1.4 tfsi can reach 156 mph given enough time.
£40000 no ones going to buy even 50 of the 333. For £400000 i could get a
jaguar XF or F type and save £13000 on the XF maybe 12875 including

Wisam Sal says:

name of the song 2:35?

ori547d says:

The Audi A1 Quattro has 5 seats right?

Corky_Butcher says:

Saw this car advertised on Romans website. Thought I’d check out a road
test. Turns out the one they’re selling is the one you’re driving. But it’s
now been remapped to 350bhp. Absolutely insane.

D King says:


runxxeroxx says:

It’s anomaly just for idiots like you are. which is prepare to give 50000€
just because AUDI actually make proper sport car,not an toy(but again is
questionable how much owner of this will spend in Service, for sure much
more than owner of any MADE IN JAPAN car, even cheapest one ) of it. and
because of that AUDI make decision to rob every idiot(whit story ” you know
if you wanted , you must payed right know, because we decide to make no
more than 300 of this, because it’s rear peace of technology, my ass, what
a lie) who actually is prepare to give that amount of money, for 10000 less
i will buy in perfect shape old one WRX Subaru or Lancia HF IntegraleEVO
and will have Iconic proper sport car(and rest of money i will spend on
good fast Bike, for sure not BMW , and give my ass to any AUDI owner which
wouldn’t more time sit in the service than i on the curved mountain road.
AUDI is become biggest robber in the auto industry, one word NSU, you
fucking Nazis robber scum. 

Shady Ard says:

This guy Rocks !!! 

Patrik Doe says:

I wanted this one until I got my TT RS, the TT RS is more fun :)

timothy w says:

500hp =300mph

Nick Walton says:

fuckin ill!

Gnädiger Imperius says:

This idiot is a terrible car reporter

timothy w says:

Weeeee1000hp 500mph

Ram Ghai says:

Now I feel stupid with my A1 1.4 TFSI 180 :(

Roman Darashenka says:

why does america not have A1 !!!!

Valentino Corners says:

That 3, 2, 1, Go!
Ah that had me in stitches lol.

timothy w says:

210 mph Π__Π•__• 300hp (s1 clubsport 500mph) 0__0 ^__^

Tommy C says:

What the hell man they need to bring this to the U.S.

Anton Chua says:

Wait till he tries the A1 Clubsport.

quinlansee1 says:

the engine is really nice… and unique for the type of car but it was a
little over exaggerated in this he wouldnt stop talking about how big it

diqtucs diqs says:

NO YOU ARE WRONG, the Audi S1 does have Quattro in it, though i think its a

Dumy Jobby says:

this and the BMW 1M are my favourite litle mad cars. 

Ninad Ganore says:

Beautiful car and video

David Hee says:

I sometimes wish we’d get this car in the States!

stephane matis says:

This little crazy Audi has charm. Oddly, such small, cute but fierce
design reminds me of Pokemon.


Geoffrey Moore says:

This looks fun
#audi #A1 #quattro 

Derek Hansen says:

A hot hatch with all-wheel drive and mad looks? Sign me up. Heck, I’ll even
take an Audi A1 with just front-wheel drive with looks like that.

Makhosi Mamome says:

It would be awesome if +Audi USA would bring over the Audi A1 quattro over
to the US as a limited edition car. What do you guys think?

darek4488 says:

Take the journalist out, find a real driver. I want to see this car
cornering sideways!

Akis643 says:

Ugly??? The bmw you mean?

Skidracer21 says:

So, giant engine under the bonnet of an inappropriately-small car? XCAR,
please pay a visit to the fine people at Flyin’ Miata in the United States.
I don’t believe you’d regret it, and I haven’t seen a proper video review
of any of their Corvette-powered MX-5′s.

jonaswang79 says:

I can’t help to think it should have even more power. It should have
something like the engine from the RS3 instead of “just” the S3.

Adam Kellar says:

Now only if they would cram the Turbo5 into the Mk7 Golf R

Mart vision says:

Uio know nothing about Audis. I would take new S3 over this fuckn’ ugly
135i any day. It have AWD, drive much better, it’s faster and looks milions
times better.

ironkcoony says:

your comment proves you indeed have none… brits and stereotypes about
germans and german humour are vital for our british-german relationship
Just ask TopGear :D

Arthur Wall says:

A45 AMG Black series will obtain 420hp to 460 hp.Mark my words I have auto

WRONGVue says:

Shame about LHD only.

can2ej6 says:

miniXfiatXaudi anyone?

titleguy1 says:

I’ll wait until Audi comes out with an A1 clubsport quattrol

joanuc says:

,,, A45 amg black edition must be AWD and crazy people wants RWD with lots
of power…

XCARFilms says:

Thanks to all of our loyal subscribers. As long as you guys are watching,
we’ll be pushing out videos.

timol125 says:

I think the lack of humour is mostly because they have to focus on speaking
halfway decent english and just aren’t able to translate every thought or
joke they might have.

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