Audi A1 Review: Interior Design

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This content was filmed on the Audi A1 launch using my iPhone. I was responding as live to a question I had received from a follower on Twitter about the Aud…


JN DNT says:

wel done, nice car!!

wills161 says:

@Missabbiabbi black is nice on a car my last car was black but it showed
all the marks on the paint

Caner Ucak says:

nothing, and i mean nothing can beat the ultimate small hatch ……MINI !

Jon Quirk says:

@Missabbiabbi Hey there, thanks for checking out the vid. After seeing your
YouTube channel, I must recommend the Audi A1. I appreciate the A1 is a
significant price hike but you’re far too stylish to be cruising around
town in a Mazda 2! As for colours, black always looks good, the launch car
red with silver cant rails looks cool & (please don’t laugh at me) metallic
brown with cream or silver cant rails also rocks. In terms of new car
colour palettes, brown cars are the new white. Gd luck! J

xavi alonso says:

low grade A1 is 29 k , low grade scirocco is 45 k u can check it if u want,

mazinais31 says:

the world is changing – it only makes sense that manufacturers are moving
towards upgrading smaller vehicles to things that used to be exclusive to
premium/rep segment… price too high? theres things on the market for
everybody… catch up world – germans are again leading you in new

HoLDoN4Sec says:

3:02 id prefer the VW scirocco that’s parking over there than the A1… it
looks alot better… :)

Jerubei says:

Good review!

AndyBoneS14 says:

@JonQuirkUK Sounds good! cheers for the reply, i still can’t decide if its
a girls car or a mans car ;P all the gadgets and engine say man but certain
things sceams girl! I’m gonna get the multimedia package i think, love my
gadgets :D great vid btw

Santiago H says:

hey should i get thsi car or a mini cooper? theyre both around same price

djalel gheraibia says:

i prefer audi a1

majstore92 says:

plenty of room for legs at the back…hahaha

AndyBoneS14 says:

Getting the S Line myself in a few months, is the display screen in the
dash standard or extra cost? Also does it play videos or anything swanky
like that? thanks

Jon Quirk says:

@justtakeiteasy The Audi A1 is built on very proven mechanicals – the same
powertrain is actually used for the VW Polo, SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Fabia –
so think you’ll be safe! Jon

HoLDoN4Sec says:

prices vary on countries, here the low grade scirocco is 50K and the low
grade A1 is 47K (cars are pricey here:/) sciroccoR costs here 65K :X

ProjectE2 says:

lowest price a1 in greece is 15k euros,most expensive (tfsi) 1.4(184hp)
starts from 26k euros:)

adulby says:

@justtakeiteasy VW is better concerning price. Your paying for the logo
with the A1. but not unreasonably. I would say for reliability they are
about the same. if you want moer excitement go for A1. but if you just want
practicality. A-B vehicle go golf. Cant lose

Jon Quirk says:

@AndyBoneS14 Hi Andy, hope you’re good? Yep the screen is part of the MMI
system and there are loads of funky tricks going on, including when you’re
playing your music, it can display the album covers in colour. When I
tested the car last year, Audi was also working to ensure the sat nav was
set up to incorporate both 3D and Google Maps but speak to your local
dealership as they’ll now be more informed than me. Great choice though
sir, hope you enjoy the car!

wills161 says:

@Missabbiabbi i just got my all white s line . it is the colour for the car

xavi alonso says:

what are u talking about bro this car is 29 k scirocco is 52k :))))

joeneylonable says:

Yeah but the scirocco is about £9000 more expensive. Worth it?? I don’t
think so

Jon Quirk says:

Hey @justtakeiteasy , that depends on how you make your judgment calls on
the word ‘better.’ Mechanically speaking, both cars are similar though the
Audi A1 will be substantially more expensive than the range equivalent VW
Polo. What you need to decide is whether that additional outlay is worth
the extra prestige of an Audi badge, the most premium feeling cabin in
class and the contemporary exterior styling. Residually speaking though,
CAP predicts the A1 will perform better.Good luck!Jon

shonor6 says:

Should I take this or the Polo GTI?

pescalante2 says:

@justtakeiteasy I’ve had vw’s and audis all my life and not one has broken
down on me ever, so you’re safe with a polo or an a1!

Jon Quirk says:

@randombloke10 Hi Dave, apologies for the delayed response! Indeed the
steering is accurate and precise and the cornering very ‘flat’. That said,
it doesn’t have the finesse of something like the MINI when you’re taking a
series of corners, but the trade off is much better ride comfort and high
speed refinement. This is also a much more practical proposition as this
interior vid hopefully shows you. Make sure you check my ‘Jon Quirk’ blog
more info! Thanks for your comments, Jon

randombloke10 says:

Hi Jon my names Dave, going to be ordering next year when i have the funds
just wondering how well she drives, from what i’ve heard the steering is
very precise but its there any chance of a quick review for us … thanks

Alp Gungor says:

well audi a1′s trunk lid is stupid, only thing i hate about that car

HoLDoN4Sec says:

SciroccoR you mean? 0.o low grade Scirocco and the A1 cost the same :P

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