Audi A1 review

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The Audi A1 is one of the more premium and popular super minis, which also makes it one of the more expensive in the class. Sporting the four rings means tha…


WinkelHoof says:

You guys should change your name to “4 stars review” ;-)

jubjub13483 says:

We have these at work, petrol and diesel, and I really dont like the diesel
one its quite noisy. The 1.4 petrol is just brilliant though, really fast
when you want it to be and very quiet and happy to cruise around. Thats the
one I would have.

Patrick Catana Gnudi says:

I don´t like it

juan lopez says:

Nice review

MotorTorque says:

Thanks, we really appreciate any criticism so we can make our video reviews
better in the future

Patrick Catana Gnudi says:

the car…. but you should have gone to the back sit, a think its always a
good reference, but still you guys do a very good job

Brandon Bardsley says:

Being an owner and my mum having a Mini, I think my A1 has more of a
presence on the road and they get more looks as there’s a Mini on every
street corner.

Nanchi Samuki says:

i drove one of these last month in the diesel configuration… now its a
good car but i just really hated the driving characteristics of it
completely it was weird

Jacob Reynolds says:

great review helped me alot cos i wanna buy a audi a1 when im a bit older
thanks and id give the vid 4 stars ;P

Michael Thompson says:

loveing the music!

kingzoop says:

Am gonna guess before watching that it gets 4 out of 5 stars. The usual
score lol

Jorge Loquendo says:

you should be more like saabkyle4

Jonathan Henderson says:

not impressed with this review compared to the mito review. whats with the
referencing of your mini?!

Aj Munzi says:

Loved the review, now i have a hard time to choose between a1 and mazda3
2014, i know both are different segments, but which one would your
recommend me?

MotorTorque says:

The car or the review?

Del Johnson says:

Nice review.I’m in the market for an a1 and have thought about specifying
it with dynamic suspension, as I’ve heard the rides a bit hard in S-Line

moon jo says:

Spent 20 seconds talking about an ipod but too lazy to get into the

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