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HesteBremse says:

hahaha – Babara Streisand! 

RetroGamerVX says:

I really odn’t like the look of this audi, like most of them, they look
like featureless jellymoulds. Plus the fact, they are Audis, I’ve had 2,
and they were both terrible and the dealers even worse! :o( They are not as
well built as they pretend to be :o(

hawkermustang says:

Check the sales figures. Ford out sales Audi all day long.

TheRay898 says:

Yay! It holds 2L bottle :D

LS R says:

That bit at 2:09 just made me laugh…getting the seat down and driving
like a real pachuco…”eh puto!”

AppleExpert says:

great review, shit car

Sanpedranoazul says:

Great question!!!

Atheistprimate says:

They likely would run into trouble getting models to test if they poo
poo’ed on most cars.

wikiih says:

that’s your opinion mate ;)

Sir Mccartney says:

“……it’s not my car.” LOL HAHAHA

SwPiotrek says:

Cool review.

Mitesh Patel says:

Thank you, go for a Golf like I did!

prep4md says:

Which is better polo or golf?

tasha cumming says:

Try hardyolo I would deffo go for the polo out of those cant go wrong with
Vw :-)

shonor6 says:

When I say “motorway” I mean when accelerating / decelerating at say 50
kph+. The gear shift is super fast and smooth, and downshift is exactly
when needed to slow the car. Come on, use your logic.

Amir Pi says:

Nice car but Mini S Rocks all the way:)Thanx

LS R says:

I hope these guys get their hands on the new A3 and A3 sportback the very
moment they appear on the market.

youtubeeeeeyeaah says:

How often do you change gears in motorway?

Bogdan Uzum says:

even uglier and that color…gee

ilikeantea says:

I like this car, test drove the 2 door version , was really nice. What’s
with all the hate?! Anyway still overpriced.

TheCapn says:

Give me a reason besides that fanboy comment …

sollerboy says:

I love the carbuyer reviews but just don’t agree with the engine comments
on the A1. I’ve driven both the 1.6TDI and the 1.2TFSI. The 1.6 is
astonishingly good, It’s fast and frugal. The 1.2 needs a lot of revs and
won’t go up hills and goes about 200 miles to a tank.

FlyingNitro1990 says:

Driving characteristics. BMW is ultimate driving machine and Mercedes is
most comfortable cruiser. Simple as that. Both of them are better to drive ;)

TheCapn says:

So Audi’s and VW’s are none of those things?? Oh please fanboy, go drive an
Audi and then come back. Most of BMW’s are just image, the only good one’s
are the 3 series.

RAP1073 says:

this is like the AUDI A3 but he is little bit bigger than the AUDI A1

petar1shuwack says:

It`s not my car. LMFAO This guy is brilliant.

theonesillyboy says:

I must admit I watch Carbuyer’s videos mostly because of this guy, he’s
sooooo cute and funny and handsome, ahhhhhhh ^-^ oh, and they actually do
really good reviews too

moddingpark says:

I know that the 1.6 TDI is a very good engine, but the 1.2 TSI isn’t so
sluggish… It has enough low-rev torque to go easily up hills and I
believe that if driven in a sporty way even the TDI can return poor
mileage. The normally aspirated 1.2 3-cyl and 1.4 4-cyl, instead, are
another story.

Akiff Hssn says:

Love the way they slide the bags :)

tokekkk says:

Nice Audi… the white one…

MikeRelvasR8 says:

OMG! Thanks again Mat! This is my favourite hatchback and I was waiting for
months for some review of this car, especially from CarBuyer. Thanks a lot :-D

youtubeeeeeyeaah says:

My father has a DSG Passat and when you remove your foot from the gas pedal
the gear goes to N. If you ( even slightly ) put your foot on break the
gear goes back to D. (Even if you do not keep breaking. ) If you just press
on gas pedal and leave it, it goes back to N again. This feature is also
mentioned in Audi A3 ‘s manual.

Dave K says:

Car manufacturers… Sport USED to mean – Fast and Dynamic. Now it is used
to describe practicality and is seen on estates and is now used to describe
a supermini with rear doors.

youtubeeeeeyeaah says:

I have a DSG A3, I hate the fact that it does not go to “N” when I remove
my foot from the gas pedal. I always put it to “N” manually, and back to
“D” in city. I agree that between 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 ‘th gears, it is very

Aurel Rusanda says:

what an ugly colllllooorrr!!!!!!!!!

Khai Van Ngo says:

Of course!

jubjub13483 says:

I drove the s line a1 sport at work and my god it was quick!! 1.4 i think,
very quick car do like it allot, perfect city car.

Nissim Cohen says:

so match fan to see mat.

Pienimusta says:

1-series ftw… but 5-door version looks so bad

Aaronage says:

Like a boss 0:33

TangoR34 says:

American. It’s owned by GM

Chevy3455 says:

Not desirable :)

Bmwx5fan9 says:

You would expect from Audi to have an armrest as standard

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