Audi A1 Sportback Irish review

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Bob finally has a full test of the Audi A1 Sportback on Irish roads, with on a 1.2ltr 85bhp petrol engine is it any good? Find out what he thinks here.


Coenie Hattingh says:

Thanks for a great review!

The Next Gear says:

nelson batista says:

US sorry for that but you cars sucks

yabbayabbadoooh says:

nice looking at gettin one and i’d like to see you’re opinion on it !!!!

mmgironi says:

The only disgrace of this car in my personal opinion is the terrible choice
on the back lights… obviously aesthetics are always personal, but they
totally destroy this car for me… I really wonder wtf they were thinking
when they designed those “things”

nemoalius says:

Nice talk! I wonder what car do you personally drive/own?

madant1977 says:

Nice review Bob! BTW I have that 1.4 TSI in my Seat Leon and it is a blast
even for a ~1250 kg car :) Does 210 km/h with normal 16″ wheels, and in
high revs sound like a race car ;)

Conor Nugent says:

@Smokerspack I ment mito. It will match the a1 sound blow for blow. There
is a 5 door version conning

Bob Flavin says:

It’s a great engine but then the VW group engines are we thought out and
always sound nice

CavanRail001 . says:

Yet again Bob another grand review of motors on sale.The Audi motors are
some fine looking pieces of automotive engineering and I have seen two or
three of the A1 on the road which do make you do a double take for their
looks.Just a question Zenon Headlights are they worth the few euro or is it
a plot by manafacturers to get us to spend more on a car option cheers lad

GermanyTechno says:

LOL! You again?

SunsetNova says:

Great review as usual, keep them coming :-)

Samuel Hrmel says:

Could you do the s6 or s7 or s8 review? I would love that.

Bob Flavin says:

I did do a podcast awhile ago but the videos overtook that and I just
didn’t have the time for recording. I am on Irish radio from time to time,
Midlands Radio 3 and East Coast FM when something car related happens. I
might go back to podcasting if things ever calm down

GermanyTechno says:

LOL! Just kidding, good review, love that car. *_*.

ThePetrolhead94 says:

U should review some opels i havnt seen one yet and the new kia optima what
do you think of this car do you like the hyundai i40 better

Bob Flavin says:

Cheers dude!

Bob Flavin says:

It depends on how you term value. If all you’re after is a car this size to
trundle about in so you can go to work and shopping then yes I agree with
you. However, if you want something that will let you be a driver and have
some prestige then this is brilliant value for money.

gene978 says:

That little car Bob, looks like a lot of fun! Great review!

Bob Flavin says:

The best engine is the 1.4tsi with cylinder on demand. It does everything,
it’s nippy around town but still does nicely on the motorway. The 1.2 is
great with less power but does lack a little cruising ability

mmgironi says:

totally agree with you, I just really wonder how they came up with that
design, they kind of remind me of the first Audi TT (the egg shaped one). I
mean they have nothing to do with the overall current Audi theme on tail
lights. Having said this the rest of the car is marvelous.

hugglescake says:

We in the US don’t have such cars.

Bob Flavin says:

The S6 is coming this year, I’ll have that on test while it’s here. Next
time I’m in Audi Germany I’ll ask about the others

Prosound Rental says:

Just made 500 km with the same model 1.2 tfsi. I am happy that i paid 4,000
euro more for audi,than of ibiza,polo or jazz or whatever usual car. This
car gives me that feeling that the others of the same category cant simple.

yabbayabbadoooh says:

Great review nay chance you could get a golf gtd and give us a review ??

Bob Flavin says:

No matter what anyone says about cars it’ll be used before…I’m sure he’s
said everything.

Conor Nugent says:

I prefer a afa guilitta

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