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Audi is broadening the A1′s appeal with a new five-door Sportback version, expected to account for the majority of A1 sales. There’s an extra pair of doors, …


Juan Flores says:

Too bad these aren’t available in the states especially the coupe :( 

georgerelax7302 says:

I really love this car..

dunti21 says:

@Ifreann666 Did you listen to anything on this vid or did you just come to
troll? What Polo has an engine with cylinder-on-demand technology, Google
maps, MMI, Wifi etc? Sure the chassis is the same but who the fuck cares
about what chassis a car has as long as it’s good?

moofgs says:

from 1.16 whats thats music its the sort of music u play when ur in picnic

LS R says:

I am the same size as this guy, and some days ago I was checking an A1 (3
door), and while sitting in the back my head was touching the rear gate
frame…so what he says is very true, tall people will not have a good time
riding in the back.

11ESSE11 says:

but you cant buy in USA audi A1, because it is not effectiveness

Dave K says:

Everyday German cars like the A1 aren’t desirable to proper car
enthusiasts, just people who like to look rich. They’re automotive ‘bling’
but where’s the passion you get from other car makes? I get more excited by
Kia these days! You can hardly call Audi’s beautiful when they all look the
same with the tacky fairy lights and same grilles.

Avenge StunneR says:

@Oggoel Exactly what i thought

ManuelFerara says:

Does the new audi a4 look like the first audi a4 (the one that was produced
in the 1990s? does the new audi a8 look like the old one…?

toxik217 says:

hmm.. Well i own a 147 so that makes me a alfa lover and yes i like they re
designs and know all by heart and let me tell you there is nothing in
common with a 147 and 156 or 166 or GT only small similarities , 159 ,
Brera and spider same front end and thats where it ends.. But still its way
over most desings nowadays but of course thats a matter of taste but just
as you pointed out most guys who know cars agree with me.. And are you
trying to say that all the new audis dont look the same??

wideangle852 says:

“You’ll struggle to get anyone over 6 foot in here” . . I agree . . its a
small car?? Why the reference?? Its like saying a Porsche will beat it at
the lights . . . driving journalists are such idiots

J0lker says:

Yes i’ve seen them all- imho 159 has nice front lights, giulietta back
lights. Please don’t tell me Mito is nice too. I know every journalist say
“Alfa is beautiful” and so on, but i can’t feel that beauty. I feel it
looking at Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley some
Mercedes-Benz’s. And btw imho every Alfa Romeo is nearly the same by front!
take one more look at it.

NecareXX says:

MUCH more than the A1 and A2. But im pretty sure Audi have their reason for
naming it A1 and not A2 ;)

Mcr_fan says:

right, you got a 3 door Audi A1, why don´t you just show us before

J0lker says:

Heh, no- but when i look at front (which is nearly the same in each new
audi) i can recognise it. I mean it is very similar, but it has like one
thing different, like shape of grill, shape of front lights, or back of
car. I don’t know Alfas from inside- are they similar? that’s what i hate
in cars like Volkswagen- literally the same interior in each vehicle.
skipping Phaeton and Touareg, those only have something else inside.

gohkaixiong says:

In brazil you say it is 55 thousand dollar? In SINGAPORE IT COST 180
THOUSANDS ++! Would love to own 1.. but for the price..nah

NecareXX says:

Ford =/= Audi ;) Well, maybe they are the same size, but they look nothing
alike, maybe thats why it isnt called an A2 ;)

cacarca says:

Too bad this won’t come to the US.

Matt Eagle says:

German technology rules the world.

staticmajorable says:

oh! not bad for a VW

J0lker says:

come on… alfas are nice but… just a little bit… i prefer Audi anyway.

mlps93 says:

why cant we have it here in Canada :(

MrFrankieFiggz says:

Best looking little car ever….Bring it to the USA! And some RS models as
well thanks!

errorcode99 says:

looks like a cool little car

ManuelFerara says:

This should be called Audi a2…

Hng Hup Guan says:

Think Audi is gonna eat up sales for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Starting
with their own a1 coupe.

ManuelFerara says:

There was an audi a2 and it was simular in size to this car…That is why i
said that it should be called a2…There was a4 but there is a new one
every 4-6 years

JTibarraO says:

nice car

111tombomb says:

True i absolutely LOVE the A1 and it has a very good engine for it’s size
and for being a 1.4L! Here in Brazil it is expensive as fuuck it is
equivalent as 55 thousand dollars! It’s ridiculous

NecareXX says:

What the hell are you on about????

Notchville says:

Nice car but I’d love to hear more of the tires on the road instead of the
lullabyish background music. :)

dunti21 says:

@Ifreann666 Uh, it looks nothing like a polo except for the size. The new
BMW 1 series looks like a polo. Polo has square back lights, these are
angled. Square front lights, these have a slight teardrop, It has the Audi
grill, polo doesn’t. Curved roof arches. Polo doesn’t. You’re just being a
hater cos you think all Audis are just VWs

J0lker says:

I like new Kia’s design too, but can’t say i love italian designs. Btw Alfa
Romeo has prices nearly like audi ones. they are not cheap. and i wasn’t
talking about A1- i really don’t like back of it. And about Audi’s design:
front is not the same in every car. they are similar, but not the same.

Rodney E Dixon says:

how does it compare to its bigger sibling the A3

11ESSE11 says:

probably never

Artemiy Pavlov says:

I can’t wait to try the new mk7 Golf with this engine! VW is really moving
forward seriously.

TheKevinTrinh says:

@shonor6 agreed, getting this car turbo charged for my first car black in
10 days.

Adil Dad says:

How much would this car cost? In pounds. Looks fab I want!

spndrp says:

Wow. In Sweden it’s 158 000 SEK for a new one.

Gregory says:

I would love THIS model of the A1, wouldn’t have the S-Line package-
because I drive slow most the time. I drove an A1 diesel once and it was
very nice but the amount of money you pay is basically the badge. If its
fun and small and fast try a Skoda Fabia VRS? Same company but less money
and not as snobby. Deep down I want the Audi though, the headlamps and
brake lights are such lovely feature, not the price though….naughty Audi!
Lol :-)

Ultimatemxcn says:

how does it compare to the vw polo it is based on?

NecareXX says:

Look up the A2, it looks nothing like the A1

Ioanides001 says:

Mini or Fiat 500 any day of the week. An orange small audi is like a
pocketsize sony hdtv – some things need to be big/heavy and quatro to make

Ifreann666 says:

@dunti21 what part of LOOKS LIKE did you not understand. Yes it has a
different engine, yes it has a better HMI. But it still LOOKS LIKE a
fucking polo you twat.

J0lker says:

Hehe, the same I can tell about Audi: once you get used to Audi design- you
will recognise some differences… Anyway it’s matter of what you like!

luis perez says:

amm i prefer vw gti but nice review !!

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