Audi A1 TFSI – Which? first drive

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Stan Sultan says:

To “bucko386″: at 0:53 she says it’s £2000 more than the Mini Cooper S.

treehugginhipiecrap says:

Waitrose then!

MrVoayer says:

Pocket rocket ! But 4 doors definitely kills off its true coupe styling !

Cosmo Ray says:

I like it. Nice hot hatch!

accordeuro314 says:

More expensive than merc A250

TheZioni says:

If you say so mate… You’re not just spending £24,000 (On a well spec’d S
Line with Nav/Climate/Techology Pack) on an Audi, you’re buying in to a
quality manufacturer. VW, though part of the same group – have a totally
different understanding of design and elegance fusing together to make
something much more special.

TheZioni says:

5 Dr version has been around for a bit now. :)

Anakin li says:

High quality with a high price , love and hate

accordeuro314 says:

Mine is a two doors and the same sport model. Fast enough to shock people,
but not enough traction to execute 185hp. Sport model is not a relaxing to
drive around city . First gear is sluggish, however gears change are
smooth. This is not a cheap car and price can easily go mad with options
like sat nav, leather seat , sunroof and keyless entry etc. if you too the
options list , it will be more

Connall Daly says:

Why is the description for a VW Beetle?? haha

Patrick Sado says:

It has 5 doors? I thought it is only available in 3 doors?

George says:

Hate people who compare this to a Mini or a Skoda. Someone who has the
money and a hint of knowledge about cars isn’t gonna sit and say “Hmm
should I get the Audi or the Skoda?”

Ghost__ says:

not worth the price! I’m better off buying a polo!

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