Audi A1 Vs Mini review – Auto Express

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Full review: It’s a battle royal. Audi’s new A1 is the talk of th…


xXGreyWolf says:

The mini could look like a Fiat Multipla and i would still buy it because
they’re so much fun to drive!

kr0pp says:

I would rather have Mini even though my mom has A1 (I don’t really like it).

DeterminedFC says:

should i get 1.2 or 1.6td?

CrazyDave650 says:

I would rather have a A3, Im sorry that your stuck up becuse thats the only
reason that you would think that this is the cheapest way to get your hands
on a Audi…. its called buying used!you can buy a nice A4 for $5000US

MrFrankieFiggz says:

Another win for Audi….BMW is quivering. Finally a car to beat out that
stupid ugly mini. I’m not sure if this 3 door A1 has it but i know the
sportback has is the engine start stop technolgy, using 2 cylinders instead
of 4, like the S8….where it gets the A1 to a remarkable 60 MPG!

Octavideoz says:

my 2002 polo has better quality interior than a 2011 mini.. nuff said

Fabio valdov says:

im getting it, it will be imported from Mexico city to the US cant

Zioghiro says:

@strahouse88 true

georgentine says:

Polo gti 2011 rulezz..

HuntHerKillHer says:

Nice review. I like the look of the mini, and being able to customise it,
however the audi just looks very classy too and has more boot space. Now…
if only I had $40,000 lol

a38racing says:

@TrippySkippy1 Fiats are too unreliable

SonicDestoyer says:

De mini is zo’n onpraktische auto, het is echt een kappersauto!

supercooled says:

@blackseries99 I’m sorry but you miss the point of the regional show; if
they wanted British presenters then they could simply license the rights to
US networks and as it is, there wouldn’t be a need for another Top Gear.
Personally the UK Top Gear crew is wearing thin. Tiff Needell is so much
better than Jeremy Clarkson or James May Day or Hamster which explains why
I prefer Fifth Gear.

CrazyDave650 says:

@blackseries99 his acent would kill it

Shaurya Gautam says:

@blackseries99 isn’t that just for rednecks I’m sure he’s not one mate

MrGoldenmarin says:

the tale of tom

JuOnTheHoHo says:

They have to bring the A1 to America…

godzillaisnuclea123 says:

@blackseries99 but hes english

hunghuge12 says:

But if he was it would lose some of it’s trademark crapness.

bluesandiego1 says:

a1 is better

footballgeorgiebest says:

This reviewer is good enough to have his own show and if you look at his
other reviews he is a shit-hot driver too.

Alan Pastor says:

mini all the wayyyy :)

bcapers12 says:

I’d take the A1 any day over a Mini.

VerdantM says:

@UzzyFuzzyy LOL, don’t know what to say?

helenaustinfan says:

@danielcrawford1991 Quite. Would you want a girl to be loud whist sucking
you off? She shouldn’t when her mouth is full anyway….I’ve said too much

VerdantM says:

@UzzyFuzzyy And your comment is shitty, so?

GermanyTechno says:

The Mini sucks!

Miriam Samorano says:

Tradução . O reporter diz que gostou muito do interior do Audi, fala que o
acabamento é muito bom, motor silencioso, suspensao é mais dura mas isso e
bom para a estabilidade. Mini, a tocada é bem melhor (chama de ‘o carro’),
direção, cambio é fantastico, chassis perfeito, diz que é tão bom que voce
acaba arranjando desculpas para ir algum lugar só para dirigi-lo. Olha que
o teste foi com o modelo de 140 hp. imagine se fosse com o Mini Cooper S
!!! Texto roubado do maquila, no NA, :D

Chrisuu says:

I would take the audi since you see so much minis and I like the way the a1

LS R says:

Well, that is the point IMHO: Get Mat instead of the three assholes that
pretend to be funny and sophisticated in TG US but fail miserably to do so.
And they should start by sacking the damn bearded redneck, the most
annoying of them all. Come to think about it, sack ´em all at the same
time, they are annoying as hell.

Yemekci35 says:

darling..did you put our Audi A3 into the washer???!!! :-D what an uggly

challenger93 says:

@blackseries99 buts hes from uk LOL

madcowmatt123 says:


rolex2223 says:

WHY DOES MATT review cars in Auto Express and in CarBuyer!?!?!?!?!

supercooled says:

@blackseries99 What are you trying to say; he’s not good enough for Top
Gear UK? I guess you overlooked the fact that he has a British accent as

rolex2223 says:

WTF! Auto Express have takes carbuyers videos and put a montage stealers!

Will Poundstone says:

i wish those back seats were a delete option in the Mini, they take up
cargo space and are pretty much useless

helenaustinfan says:


a38racing says:

@TrippySkippy1 Everyone who i know who has bought a fiat has had relianilty
issues. In my family we have had a few Vws but have never had a problem yet

jimmyhoffa9 says:


u1430 says:

I dont like either. Both overpriced and dull. Get a Fiat 500 Abarth SS. I
did and it’s much better.

lucafari says:

Bella macchina

blackseries99 says:

@supercooled -Its not about accent, its all presentation with some humor
which I failed to see in TGUSA. And ^ this guy has one!!! And TGUK is good
in which they are. no need to replace them.

Philix Liu says:

A1 looks so ugly. It is no different than an A4 with no bottom.

boday says:

Audi is more practical and more refined… but there is no way any MINI
driver would want to replace their cars with the A1… They are just too

Jacob Watts says:

@blackseries99 but hes english ….:/ and all the presenters in america
topgear are americans , what a surprise there.

Makhdum Yousuf says:

Check out CarBuyer. Him and a hot chick make reviews there.

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