Audi A3 Cabriolet (convertible) 2014 review – Carbuyer

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viktor jakobsson says:

If you all could focus on the excellent review and great car instead of
Rebeccas looks I would be very thankful…

Jarl Ballin' says:

This car suits Rebecca. Both are small and attractive…

pedrof830 says:

Rebecca or Kate Beckinsale, who’s hotter?

Leo Phan says:

Just imagine Rebecca is riding this car and approaching you, saying “wanna
come along?”. My dream come true

Gary W says:

Not something that would ever interest me but I can’t help but feel it
looks a bit dull. I’d imagine if you are in the market for a cabriolet that
isn’t what you would want. But I guess that applies to most practical

therangeko says:

Rebecca looking very hot in the video…maybe she should wear less?

FrightfulAccountant says:

It’s a nice little cabriolet, it looks good (would go for a red one
however) but it is also expensive and even more when you order it with some

Daniel Brodowski says:

Wow looks amazing tight and attractive, the A3 is nice too

Neal Patel says:

I don’t like the A3 at all can anyone guess why I watched the whole video
over and over again? 

Yippie says:

Her rear end is attractive. Small and tight. Nice A33

Carlos Medina says:

That’s a nice looking vw gol….. I mean Audi A3

LZSchneider says:

Rebecca, I think your presentation during this video was your best yet.
Well done! :D

YouBocaj67Tube says:

I would buy a golf and keep the change!

olly-phhat- bowy says:

I perfer the older one, it looks better when its smaller and shorter 

Clark Kent says:

wow so much muscle

B3ansGuy says:

Really hope Matt will get his hands on the Huracan for Carbuyer, how epic a
video would that be

karupspc1 says:

I love you Rebecca

askdhuwuw says:

She cannot pronounce the letter: R

Mike Yebo says:

When she said ‘Banging’ that was sexy ;-)

r4z1n66 says:

God Bless Rebecca

iPhone3GSCase says:

Yessss more audis! And the stronic ones and the new saloon a3 sline

V4Vendetta says:

Hi Rebs :)

Sam Sult says:

“The entry model comes with a leather steering wheel and air conditioning”.
Are you shitting me. Exotic cars come with air conditioning as standard.

pedrof830 says:

Hey, the banana found a mate, finally!

pedrof830 says:

Warm and sunny in England, this is amazing!

melaleuca says:

is this a sedan? or hatchback?
looks like mix 

neilobusk says:

Rebbecca letting her hair down is way more sexy than this Audi…
But she is a fantastic reviewer of cars
neil :)

Carbuyer says:

Ready for the summer? Take a look at our review of the #Audi A3 Cabriolet!

cijev2020 says:

Similar to Opel Cascada

xanderxenius says:

Hi carbuyer. Did you already scheduled a review of the upcoming Vw golf
sports van?. If so how long du we have to wait?.
A3 – great review like always :)

Dai Kin says:


Leonardo Shaz says:

I would drag my balls through some rusty nails over 5 miles, just to get a
whiff of her fart

suomiauto says:

The 4-series is a rival to the A5, so it’s a bit pointless to compare it to
the A3. The A3 is more of a rival to the new upcoming 2-Series convertible

jiang JR says:

Bananas are back!!!

Ultranationalist941 says:

Please make a review on the new 4 series convertible. And I want to marry
you Rebecca.

Leon Tan says:

Best looking woman in this car review business

trini kid says:

Marketing is a hell of a thing huh……. car buyer is soo smart lol

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