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The Audi A3 e-tron promises to combine strong performance with incredibly low running costs.Rebecca Jackson puts it to the test. Find us on Facebook: Visit…


Paul Newport says:

First proper video review of the Audi e-Tron I’ve seen since you can
actually buy it:

PS can we have an Audi section or change the VW section to
Audi/Seat/VW/Skoda ?

UzzyFuzzyy says:

audis are so boring and ugly

Mr Music says:

I honestly don’t understand people who hate on Audi. Like seriously? They
are at least a thousand times better built than BMWs. 

Garrosh H says:

Sounds like a scam to me. Takes advantage of Government subsidies and has
immunity to congestion charges whilst more efficient (in real world use)
standard cars do not. I suspect that a tightening of loopholes is required

Another scam was a car I had in 2010 that had “stop start” and therefore
qualified for cheaper road tax due to supposedly having lower CO2 output.
Absolute nonsense of course. It only stopped after travelling some distance
and at certain temperatures (it rarely seemed to work in the winter).

Nanu Siri says:

Terrible place to put the charging cord – in the winter that area will have
every piece of dirt and you’re going to have to touch that!
Is it a euro6 spec car? How much no2 comes out of the car? The charging
cable should have been inbuilt into the body. It’s not a proper hybrid is
it? 20miles? Rubbish! It’s more of a corporate gimmick to bring their
average mpg higher. Lexus have been doing proper hybrids for years! 

Tishen Ahmun says:

Even if the car is not very good, I still watched this review because
Rebecca is such a good car reviewer and presenter.

She sounds cheerful, emotive, you can see her enthusiasm and most
importantly, she does not sound like she is reading off from a dull script.
She makes the new Carbuyer reviewer, Ginny Buckley, look like a noob.

Rebecca = Best female car reviewer on YouTube. Period. 

Jason Lee says:

I used to love audis so much. Audi’s design is very subdued and buttoned
down and no one really hates that. maybe someone hates that

benzfen says:

The depreciation of such vehicle would be huge and I am definitely not
brave enough to buy second hand electric car

sagat4 says:

The normal A3 has a cramped interior and tiny boot space. This one will be
even worse not value for money

Bartek Tomaszek says:

37 mpg ? Whaaat . No thanks Audi, I’ll get a 3 series 3 litre diesel and
get same mpg.

Stefan Irimescu says:

cool name : e-tron :P , i bet somewhere a Megatron is on it’s way.

Swami Satcitananda says:

I don’t see how the generator would increase fuel consumption, in self
charge mode.
At least it has a self charge function, but it is possible to produce 230v
of electricity, with no detriment to fuel consumption whatsoever. I’ve done

Ganooster Moppy says:

Nice tech but the exterior looks so dated.

Telegraph Cars says:

New video review: Audi A3 e-tron. @RebeccaRacer puts it to the test.

lffit says:

another dated looking Audi, with its trademark truck like front grille

wagsbass says:

30,000 pounds for this, no thank you

VolvoXC90TV says:

Why the hell wouldn’t they make a diesel plug in hybrid??

TK42138 says:

Audi have missed a trick with this one. If Vauxhall can fit a slide-out
bike rack in the Corsa I’m sure Audi engineers could have fitted a storage
unit within the rear bumper moulding to store the charging cables.

Maurazio says:

I think a part about the sporty performance would have been nice (it can
use both engines toghether with amazing round torque, best of both worlds).

Kushi son says:

boring rather invest on a BMW 1 series 

fetullah ydz says:

Ginny buckley is crying after watching this, because she is sooooo boring.

MrPeterthepilot says:

They’ve ditched the scoring system. Just copying the Car Buyer format.
What’s happened to Rebecca’s delivery? It sounds forced and unnatural…..

Teodor Milcheliev says:

Front wheel drive with such big rear hump on the second row. Come on, one
quarto model and all the others suffer because of it, stupid. 

jackal2513 says:

Those flirty eyes …. beautiful

HPGuitar says:

Rebecca never puts the handbrake up..

Neo Racer says:

Luckily Rebecca made it look sexy! lolll

Bravo21 says:

Audi does it again…it’s all gravy.

SwPiotrek says:

Pretty good review.

Raditram says:

Le me guess, zero usb port? 

Rebel Rhymes says:

£30,000 !!!

Adam Walter says:

Why does she talk like she’s singing a song?

Jamie Pickles says:

I like Audi A3 e-tron review | TELEGRAPH CARS

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