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darkpill says:

No dedicated radio buttons is a fail, and surprised that was not mentioned
in the review. Oh actually I’m not surprised, because reviews on this
channel usually do suck. The only thing this guy cares about is storage
bins in doors to store all his shit.

nanny statewankers says:

grow some balls you puff. The old Audi sport suspension has a fantastic
ride for a small car, but it also goes round corners. 3.2 Sline FTW

Superdsheppard says:

I personally prefer the SEAT Leon FR

Notonyour Nelly says:

The BMW 1-series is more expensive for anything with the same sort of
performance and it’s significantly heavier (RWD means a propshaft and big
rear diff). Also, BMWs are notoriously hopeless in snow unless you have
proper winter tyres.

This does look a lot better than the previous model, especially at the
back. The main problem with an A3 is that it’s become the default junior
management company car. Avoid a black or white diesel model if you want
yours to stand out from all of those.

Shawn L says:

Some cars in the UK do not come as air conditioning as standard, because of
the cool weather there.

XtremeFighterX2 says:

Does he say that this is the SE model? SE ( Standard Edition )

2011kimura says:

does this come with 4 doors version ?

jjandrooney says:

and stop the bickering about standard air conditioning? all new cars these
days has air conditioning i recon

Miguel Sáez says:

the new A3 sportback is here! review it soon! btw, nice captain america
t-shirt under :)

Zwai Dyasi says:

I think it actually looks better, in person that is!

toxik217 says:

the 1 series is a better car for the real drivers out there and there is no
way a man with all his brain in his head can deny that !! This fact aside
this A3 just looks very nice and all latest Audi models to be honest

AHMADF93 says:

The new A-Class certainly looks amazing. I’ll choose the A-Class over the
A3 anytime despite it’s slower engine. Let’s give the new A-class some time
since they have just changed it to a proper hatchback. I believe it would
compete perfectly in the near future

Dreadzedan says:

Man hideous is not the word, they pass hideous two stops back.

71814y says:

That is a hideous interior! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still better than a
Golf or a Focus, but it’s nowhere near as appealing as an A-Class.

Lawrence Lo says:

Audi just know how to design the front of the car but not the side and the
back of the car.

mandeep virdee says:

the back of the new leon looks better then this i think

TheKenjoje says:

a class better looking? what’s wrong with him? he could quit on commenting
car design

Sir 4K says:

He’s talking crap. 1 Series are dia to drive. Horrible steering, clunky
gearboxes and horrendously ugly and boring looks. Reviewer clearly is an

cargunnutuk says:

its built, handles and rides badly there’s your review

1100HondaCB says:

Surprise surprise, another fucking diesel. What is it with the Germans and
their diesels? They do say Germans are a boring bunch.

muhammad shaufie says:

check this suprima s

GLR says:

agree > agree > agree

Juan Ulloa says:


SpaceAce114 says:

That interior just doesnt lok right. Plus the onboard siri is just plain
wrong. Im german so i know.

themostoriginaluser says:

Mercedes A Class > Audi A3 > BMW 1 series

closerwinner says:

it also has a 5-door model.

savvas Quattro says:

AUDI can beat MERCEDES and BMW for fun !!

Stefan Wojcik says:

i dont like the new LED’s in any Audi, raahhh so annoying, the front end
looks so much more round and less agressive on the latest a3, a4,a5.

Juan David González says:

Good car. I’d rather have the 1 series BM though.

Kostas G says:

its the same as the “old” model

SwiftHDX says:

Nope. Looks aggressive and beautiful at the same time. It’s brilliant.

Asif Khan says:

I’m SO getting one. Sport model, 2.TDI

jimmyhoffa9 says:

The CLS is not in the same class as the A3. And yes, Merc’s are horrible.
Nasty styling, no appeal. The best vehicles Merc makes are their commercial

William A says:

haha… but interestingly enough you took your time posting a comment. (:
Thank you

Gianluca Ivaldi says:

That pop up screen looks shit

ivanman636 says:

review ibiza 1.2 tsi fr

Thomas Williams says:

I absolutely love this guys videos :D

raito666x says:

that’s a misano red or the brilliant red?

xBuzz996 says:

thats not the sportback :/

Muhammad Bakar says:

No burger and chips? You’ve put me off this car now.

Jim Guru says:

can anyone please explain why motor companies put hand hangers right over
the driver’s window?

mandeep virdee says:

the scirocco has much less space rear seat wise/ but matt didnt critisize
that too much.. hmm

Miguel Sáez says:

please review the sportback one when its out :P i know it will be the same
just a bit longer

angryhornet91 says:

so basically hes saying the A class mercedes looks better and BMW 1 series
is more fun to drive? so whats the point of the audi a3 then???

seanzal says:

I knew it was one of those two french engines but could’nt remember which.
So not a complete mistake on my part. Anyhow Renault make good engines as
has been tried and tested over the worlds finest race tracks as i’m sure we
all know. It was just a comment relating to the vehicle, I never said it
was bad, but I knew there was a ‘French Connection’.

GCFGV says:

i think he’s kinda sexy

Dreadzedan says:

still boring looking, ill take a mk7 r32 golf please.

Akiff Hssn says:

matt…Why didn’t you turn on the new LED??

António Ramos says:

I’m not a mercedes a class fan but you made some mistakes in your comment,
my friend. actually the 180 cdi engine fitted in the a class is renault ..
not citroen. Only the block is from renault but transmisson, gear box and
so on are mercedes. what’s the problem of it? it’s a good way to save money
by using a nice engine and improve it. If you think that the 1.5 dci or the
1.6dci for renault are bad engines … you must drive a porsche everyday lol

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