Audi A3 hatchback (Sportback) 2003 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

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Master_Hector says:

This looks so much better than the new one

Wornell Jones says:

A3 Rocks, 2.0 TDI 5 Door Sportsback 21st Century all the way.

Tom Tommeh says:

Much rather have the S3.. 

Eric Hsieh says:

An* not and

ChinoisMc says:

I have the 2.0 diesel 140 ,the three door version. Very good car, very
comfortable. Responds very well in the highway whether you are going
120km/h or 150, at 200 it’s also comfortable and stable. In the city it’s
also very nice even on bumpy roads.

Eric Hsieh says:

I love this car! We have a black Audi A3 Sportback 2008 (face lifted)
2.0 TDI, and it’s SO powerful… Once you get and Audi you will totally
hate Volkswagen!

Cheerio 71 says:

He’s in Britain you RETARD


basically, that word does not mean “the same”

Kranbone says:

right as in correct side :)

yitznewton says:


kvikram19 says:

It’s Britain!

Miguel Sáez says:

this is the car i will use for my practices soon when i practice for my
driving lisence and for the exam too

crazy4u2472003 says:

I love my ’07 A3. It’s quick, spacious, comfortable, economical and agile.
In fact, i rather drive it over my 350z. It may not have the race inspired
look of the “Z”, but it sure does move just as fast with groceries and tons
of other stuff in the boot.

Samuel Gregorson says:

Shut up, he is on the right side you stupid idiot.

jorge alvares says:

Porque son imbeciles

Viktor Pettersson says:

You”ve never been driving that fast, I’m gonna skip the basics in advanced
driving but If you’ve been in an open road (like one in the film) you’re
gonna make the most of it by taking the turns and holding the speed to it’s
maximum. Obviously you’re gonna crash if you’re going to fast or/has no
idea of driving. Otherwise: TAKE IT EASY!

serhats ozkan says:

oruspu audisi vardiye hava atıyor

Wario Ware says:

I thought he was on the dark side of the road

gizem şen says:

Aşk adına bunu yusufa almalıyım :D

Abou Chaker says:

omg !!!!!! thx ,

vas paraskevo says:

He is just kidding, you humorless motherfucker…!!!

ColteeYT says:

He failed to make it seem ironic, which is why people don’t perceive it as
such. If he’s gonna be ironic, he needs to know how to be ironic better.

mathers88 says:

Which one is better an A3 or a Golf?

kvikram19 says:

Did you mean “right” as in “right direction” or correct “right”? Because if
you meant the right direction, you wouldn’t be right. You would be wrong. :P

Ross F says:

I drive that!!

Google Plus Sucks says:

I meant 1.6 not 2.6 lol

greekbastwick says:

One of the best videos… calm, cosy, explanatory…. and believe me it is
not a VW, I am an owner of both cars… A3 and Golf…. the cars are

Alex Senoner says:

you can get a VW Golf, you basically have the same thing but just at a
lower price

malonefan says:

The New A3 looks so much better!!

maderi says:

wish he did the new 3 door a3 review :D

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