Audi A3 Review: Better than a VW? (FWD Mash-up Pt.2) – Everyday Driver

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With the new generation A3, Audi takes direct aim at Mercedes’ new 30k offering, the CLA. Can the A3 make a name for itself at this crowded price-point? The guys brought the new CLA and the…


Tim Irizarry says:

better than a VW? but it is a VW….but i do like that interior, i love how
basic it is, i don’t know why but it looks so darn good to me

MetalsForBrunch says:

Subaru wrx wins.

JediFarce . says:

It’s kinda ugly.

Anwar Afhim says:

They just have no idea, do they? The a3′s interior is leagues ahead of the
tacky and impractical CLA’s.

assassin72 says:

I can’t wait until these guys rip on the Accord for not being German!

SteveRunciman says:

Am I the only one who desperately wants Paul and Todd to review a

Cyz Walker says:

hyundai gensis coupe wins.

Hudson Brand says:

FUCK YEAH, Honda Accord coupe FTW!!!

NSXShockwave says:

Gen 1.5 Acura TSX for the win

StreetCruizer says:

It’s no surprise that the A3 basically feels like a Jetta. They share the
same platform (although that’s a relative statement given that all new
VW-group transverse mounted models use the MQB) Underneath they are
essentially the same. If you want to pay more for a badge and some nicer
switches, go ahead and buy one. BTW: great review, guys!

omar mohammed says:


EverydayDriver says:
Mazdaspeed L says:

I wonder at this price point, if I were to get a base CLA or A3. Why
wouldn’t I go for a Fully loaded Mazda3 instead? What is the EDD opinions
on this?

n9athan says:

170hp out of a 4 valve DOHC 1.8L Turbo….. what the fuck? Toyota managed
190hp out of a NA 1.8 over a decade ago. Doesn’t matter if it has 200lb/ft,
that amount of power is not acceptable in a 30k car. 

Alex George says:

If I really wanted an A3, I’d probably just buy a GTI, similar chassis,
bigger engine, and likely better resale and less depreciation.

STR8Bars says:

He says the A3 is the smallest Audi isn’t the TT smaller?

Jarvis Jenkins says:

Damn that entry level A3, I think y’all should have had the VW Jetta GLI
there for comparison.

koovidsrcool says:

2000 bmw 740i sports package, pick one up for $4-8K best damn car for the

David Pate says:

Awesome review. I love the compare/contrast. Thanks.

Trev Dakine says:

I’m a huge audi fan. But in all honesty the A3 was and still isn’t a true
Audi. With its transverse engine layout and haldex diff the A3 is more akin
to a vw jetta, than the B5 A4 its supposed to replace.

Aaron Su says:

Can you guys do a e9x m3 vs w204 c63 review?

gene978 says:

That was a LET DOWN car in that configuration. I was shocked how short this
review is. I love the bigger AUDI’s and would love to have a A7 

Tazer Raze says:

I know you guys reviewed the WRX, but l hope you guys can review the STI,
and maybe compare it to a used EVO X, or maybe the previous STIs 

thesrt8dodge says:

Lack of power?? Really? Just think that in Europe, this car will be mainly
sold with the 105hp engine, and it’s already too powerful for speed limits.
I really don’t understand ‘mericans !

grabir01 says:

Better than VW ? We can only hope.. lol 

Dritman says:

I really wanted to like this car but upon experiencing it for the first
time, I felt disappointed. Maybe there was something I was just missing,
though? I’ll admit I’m a bit of a sucker for a brand and don’t mind paying
a bit extra for a name – but even so, I think Todd and Paul summed this car
up perfectly. It’s ‘fine’, the Audi equivalent of ‘meh’. 

spl1011 says:

If you are to get an Audi, get it with Quattro. This car with a 2.0T is a
lot more fun than the 1.8 FWD. Save your pennies and get it with Quattro.
Or else just buy a GTI or something else with FWD.

Omar Carrasquillo says:

This car makes me puke

Kaden Myers says:

You guys should do the Lexus lpa

Yeroc357 says:

great video guys. looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the accord

SuperSonu says:

Would never buy this car. Seems so bland and boring. There are much better
options on the market. CLA over A3 any day tho. Wait till BMW reveals the 1
series too….

Abhinav Mishra says:

These cars suck. Buy a Volvo S60 and you just bought 2x the car for the
same price.Too bad brand conscious morons just want a star or a few circles
on their hood.

dblr3000 says:

The CLA & A3….the label whoring, spoiled rich kids first car!

Dan Hall says:

Ok, watched the first 2 parts, now can’t wait for the third… you guys do
this to me every time… great stuff!

RedlegHSV says:

Sorry guys, while I agree with just about everything you said about the
car, this review feels like you mailed it in. First time I’ve felt that way
about any of your reviews.

alexander wasserman says:

compare a3 cla and vw gli

TVinmyEye says:

After you guys are finished reviewing the accord coupe, please review a
2013/14 genesis coupe 3.8 

jjuhring1 says:

It’s unfortunate that the A3 is sort of a performance lame duck, isn’t it?
In fwd configuration, for anyone who cares about driving, the GTI/GLI are
vastly superior for less money. In awd configuration the WRX/STI/Golf R
are clearly the better value.
If you really think about it it, this explains the disappointing handling
characteristics… Audi realized they aren’t going to pull in a single
value/performance driver away from the aforementioned vehicles. So they’re
targeting the 4 cylinder Camry/Accord/Altima buyers who are ready to go
In the end, although it may be disappointing to us, this is how they will
sell vastly more A3′s.

Veyronp87 says:

not a fan of this car. for the same money you can get a gli which is a
better car IMO

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