Audi A3 Saloon (sedan) review – Auto Express

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kraenk12 says:

the car looks different from the front. just saying

Gabriel Ruiz says:

Comparing this car with the Ford fusion what car would win?

Keyes Audi says:

Review of the upcoming 2015 Audi A3 by +Auto Express. Who’s excited for the
new Audi A3?

Governor Oliveira says:

what about the dashboard…. poor review

Adam Othman says:

is it available with a manual transmission?

Sam Yau says:

0:38 I see disk brakes on the front, good good… what the, are those drum
brakes in the back?? On a German lux brand? Hm….


better then the cla 250???

Samwise Drogod says:

fwd. no thanks

B19T4R says:

When he sat in the back was the front seat left as him as the driver?
Meaning it would sit 4 adults comfortably?

xanderxenius says:

Would be nice to get a view of the posh dash…

David Knollman says:

Stunning Car. Downsizing from a S-Max now kids are older and I test drove
this and the CLA back to back. I do prefer the CLA interior but rear room
is way less and the A3 is way cheaper – especially if you want flappy
paddle auto. Got a 1.4 Auto S-Line on order. Can’t wait!!

timothy w says:

On it

no8t4 says:

I really wish North Americans weren’t so fat. and lazy. Fat and lazy. No
manual transmission coming to North America is the only reason I’m not
buying this car.

timothy w says:

Should have s4

timothy w says:

B4 reborn! 2.7 turbo

FunLovingAssassino says:

Great car 

Jack Beanstalk says:

Yet another homosexual car reviewer. What is with this profession?

Its like hairdressing FFS

Kevin P says:

Eh… it’s like shouting “hey look! I am a cheap luxury car!” yet it’s
still not very cheap… Not buying it. Hyundai seems like a better choice says:

Audi A3 Saloon (sedan) review – Auto Express – Audi A3 Saloon (sedan)
review – Auto Express – #video #review #reyou

GLR26591 says:

Chinese people are short…so no prob with the low roof line there

Mario Kajin says:

pricier too…

vivasihv says:

A3 coupe has atleast so numb driving fealing… if you turn the wheal you
have no idea if the tires even turned :D

Santa Cruz says:

In this color this shape looks good.

OriginReviewTv says:

I want to buy this car, I want to order this TFSI 1.4 125HP and I saw there
is this TFSI 1.4 140HP This engine with 140HP is a little expansive, and I
think I can’t afford it. Can Someone tell me is there big difference
between 125HP and 140HP 1.4TFSI, please someone reply me. Thanks alot!

Eric Cotte says:

An Audi Jetta. It’ll do well in the US.

MalusLupus85 says:

What do you mean niche? It’s audi’s jetta!

Phulleyable says:

Great review! I can see this being more popular in the UK than even Audi
may anticipate; it is definitely one of the best looking Audis, and with
the A4 now looking quite big now for a “compact” executive, this may well
fill the void for those who want a small premium saloon.

future62 says:

Tribute to the B5 A4. I think all the dimensions are the same

Nyana11 says:

why theyre showing his face insted of showing the dashboard ?

Sanpedranoazul says:

What happened to the BMW 1 Series? The Audi and VW are actually the same

ibanwez says:

he’s right though

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

No it’s not, audi is on it’s own, unlike the other 3 mentioned

Santiago Fernández Colareda says:

Is there any problem that is not as sharp as the 1 series? I mean, most of
the buyers of these cars look for refinement, a quality ride. It’s not
worse than the 1 Series, it’s just a different set up.

deadmansfire says:

Pointless new model.

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