Audi A3 Sportback first drive review

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Yes the Audi A3 Sportback has come to Ireland so Bob and Leah were sent packing to find out what’s what with the new 5 door model.


Erik de Stefanis says:

What is tha red color called? is it the brilliant red or some type of pearl
effect or something else?

evilpilott says:

Audi + UNKLE = eargasm

Hayden Cato says:

Does he come with fucking subtitles

Audi Ireland says:

Bob Flavin from The Next Gear drives the new Audi A3 Sportback
Audi A3 Sportback first drive review

nisancashi2241 says:

whats the word on a skoda rapid review bobs

Bob Flavin says:

This is a quick test, there’s a full review coming after I get the car with
more shots of everything.

Hellboy says:

Nice car,but golf is almost the same and 10k cheaper.I know its audi,but

MacGuru96 says:

You’re seriously one of the best car reviewers. Ever. Thanks!

kbakalisd says:

Bob I tried to give time to the new logo and sound effects at the start of
every video but in the end it is awful. The one that was space like,
although not relevant with cars, I was starting to get used to it and
mentally put me in a mood to enjoy your videos. Please, if you have the
time and the resources, sort it out…! Thanks!

Bob Flavin says:

I am driving the Rapid this week and we’ll be filming it on Wednesday so
video out the week after. It’s the 1.2tsi model I have

Steve Griffin says:

Great Review Bob thank you !

jzy0104 says:

CAR.they said they found the vibration im referring to but said that it is
a normal characteristic of the BMW i really dont believe that this
expensive car would vibrate as normally designed by BMW.Are they BS-ing
me?please advice

jetfuel12 says:

Bob for the love of god can you please show us more of the interiors of the
cars you review!

darkpill says:

Good review, but would like to see more of the dash and controls.

J400uk says:

Interesting you reckon it sells more to private buyers in Ireland. Over in
the UK these are mainly bought by the fleets and then filter through to the
used market 2/3 years later. That’s why most of them are diesel even though
the petrols are very good.

Bob Flavin says:

Car companies don’t talk about take overs, actually they only talk about
themselves. Both the Golf and the A3 are brilliant to drive but the A3 does
that luxury and status a bit better than VW. Brand image is a huge part of
buying a car so it’s hard to ignore. If you’re on a budget get a Golf, if
you can afford it buy an A3

Bob Flavin says:

Welcome to Irish pricing and taxes.

Hellboy says:

Ok, if talking about highline model.

Eric Hsieh says:

Love Audis

Bob Flavin says:

That’s a tough one, it’s not something I’ve come across before and even
doing some google searches hasn’t turned up anything similar. Seeing as
it’s RWD it seems unusual that the steering wheel would vibrate during
acceleration. You could pay to have the car independently inspected by the
AA or RAC and see if their report throws light on the problem. I’m sure if
it’s a normal characteristic of the X1 they could let you drive another one
and the same thing would happen.

Martin Jones says:

Any idea when the 2.0 TDi 184bhp engine will be available? Also do you know
if it will be available in Quattro? Cheers :)

Bob Flavin says:

Thanks Steve!

Bob Flavin says:

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks

Bob Flavin says:

The fleet market here is focused on the saloon market, A4, 5 Series,
Mondeo, Insignia and the like. Hatchbacks don’t really sell to fleet unless
it’s hire drives but then it’s the other end of that, cheap and cheerful

locomason says:

The golf isn’t that much cheaper.

james bond says:

bUen Carro….Panamá

CavanRail001 . says:

Loving the review and the car , look after that man flu it’s a serious
condition . Daz

Qian Wang says:

Love you man – I like the sound of “tree”, better than “sri”

matt foy says:

Hey Bob, I’m looking to get the A3. Is the red Audi brilliant red or Misano
red? Cheers

Daniel Hamby says:

You do all the camera work- and the review, and still manage to churn out a
cracking video. :D

biskutharimau says:

excellent review! hope u can review the sedan version when it comes out

Bob Flavin says:

Cheers! The answer is, it depends. My millage per year would need a diesel,
most of what I do is on motorway so the 2.0tdi is the way to go. If you’re
more town bound or low millage the 1.4tsi is a plum engine.

Vertrauen Motsamai says:

Hi Bobby!.. I’m upgrading to this babe in June, do you think I’d be
flashing my money or this is the car to buy at the moment?!

Bob Flavin says:

There’s no good in holding on to the money, you might as well show everyone
you’re doing well for yourself and buy an A3. It’s a decent car and worth
the bucks, just go with the saying from the shampoo company “because I’m
worth it”

Bob Flavin says:

“That’s a nice job Bobby”? If that’s what you said, thanks very much!

Bob Flavin says:

Full review still to come

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