Audi A3 Sportback review – Auto Express

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Read more: Luke Madden gets behind the wheel of the all-new Audi A3 Sportback. Subscr…


Marian Cihoň says:

just like the audi a3 ;)

persiansteps says:

Good review, but you can do better.

Trevor Bennett says:

You compare the boot size wit the rivals including the 1 Series! Why don’t
you also compare the drive with the 1 Series? Does it perform and handle
like the 1 Series?

Akiff Hssn says:

Best looking car but a very short review? Really??

Chongbin Lee says:

where’s matt!?!? this guy sucks ass

kr0pp says:

too short review

Christopher Nilsson says:

Why do people compare the a3 to an a-class, should be compared to a b-class.

RazvanRO says:

Extremly weak review from autoexpress

Dave K says:

A bit more space for the vain driver to put their products.

Tareq Ghattas says:

the old sportback was much better good looking.. the new 3 door looks
better than the old 1

Sherukka says:

Audi should get their act together and give us at least something luxurious
for the money we are willing to spend on a “premium” brand? Now Golf was
made sportier than A3 and maybe Leon is the best of the bunch? Too little
difference between these 3 cars, in my opinion and do they look great and
new and fresh? I would answer with a definite no. Fortunately there are
other brands for us who wants that little extra of a car.

dunti21 says:

Uh B-Class is an mpv, not a hatchback. Don’t comment and make yourself look
like a fool

efthlouk says:

You call this 2-minute video a review?! Jeez

HesteBremse says:

Ok – Just

Hassan says:

The worst review I have seen of a Car in a while. Did not underline any of
the fundamental basics of the car just the seat capacity. Wasted 3mins of
my life which in some circumstances I will not get back.

tam705618 says:

It sucks when a review turns into an Ad.

Sina Madani says:

auto express, please stop with shit reviewers. Anyone could do a better job

swunt10 says:

this colour and those wheels are not exactly sexy. they don’t do the car

Mariyan Tashev says:

This felt like a bit longer commercial concentrated on dimensions. Why
don’t you take 3-4 hours more to do a proper 9-10 minute review?

gile2010 says:

Carbuyer makes better and more fun to watch reviews

RayzaBlayz says:

Is this a review about legspace of the car as a whole

Matt South says:

um.. yawn.

martijn5244 says:

1:24 for a sec I thought it was an A4 Avant. nice mustache btw

Leo Magnusson says:

Old info. Try to give us something new. FreddieEmm @ Twitter

TheSquishMovies says:

Can we have some reviewers with a bit more enthusiasm for the audience
please. They all seem so timid and ‘forced’ lol

Martin Nygaard says:

Is this a bad teaser for a review

Bryn2606 says:

What a terrible review. Carbuyer shits on Auto Express.

Teemu m says:

As far as i’m concerned that seems like poormans a4 avant.

QuinceM1 says:

Why are you wearing sunglasses? If you’re hung over, should you be driving?!

Stuart Anderson says:

This is the trailer for the upcoming full review.

INFOKingTiger says:

I really like Audi’s I have an RS3 myself, but I really wish they would
stop making all there cars look the same :/

Carl Hemmingsen says:

this guy is so fucking boring! :/

dr.nefario says:

So this video basically says the car is longer. That’s not a review.

Osgoodification says:

What a terrible review. We are here to get info about the car, so we don’t
care that you can see the trunk in the video. We want to see it! Also,
during the legroom test it would be nice to see how much room there
actually is instead of taking your word for it. Again, here for the car,
definitely not for you… Please keep that in mind. This guy is almost as
bad as the boring tall guy.

Herman19888 says:

My fart lasted longer than this review..

b145701s says:

wow, such a inspiring review…

DRAKO9764 says:

there’s not that much of a difference from the old one (at least not on the
outside)…so :))

Jonathan Craig says:

What a boring guy.

TheThSaint says:

Sportback is much nicer then the 3 door. You are wrong here.

SuperWHIZZO says:

Presenters needed, only mumblingly non-specific skate-boarders need apply.

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