Audi A3, The Next Big Review – the masters & the masterpiece

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The youngest generation of Audi fans trump Cyrus Broacha while exploring the revolutionary technology of the Audi A3 Sedan. What happened next will plaster a smile on your face.


Mahesh Shantaram says:

Trying to be cool, Audi? But you already are.

N Samuel says:

Most Kiddish commercial ever on telivision from such a respected
brand…Time to say Audi India is now walking Maruti and Honda’s path..Good
job Audi…atleast don’t ruin it for other models in future…

Mihir Vyas says:

Can someone identify the song playing at 2:00?

smallboymf says:

I found it quite boring!! 2 kids talking to an overgrown kid about cars!
Nothing useful said in 3 mins!

pooja mudgal says:

amazing stuff Audi India. I wish i was with Cyrus :)

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