Audi A3 video review –

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The new 2012 Audi A3 doesn’t look like much of a departure from the old model, but it’s one of the most important all-new cars of the year thanks to the wide…


Dennis Berkhout says:

Are most of the old/normal presenters on a long-during vacation? I don’t
mind a review by her but I like to see the opinions of the others as well :)

AnthonyUK says:

The 5dr A3 sportwagon is best for space and practicality and takes four
adults(and five at a pinch).

ZingHighFive says:

VW wants to be the worlds largest auto maker by 2018 so they better start
making nice audis for the luxury car buyers to compete with

nir186 says:

Bread box, albeit a well designed one

zzpza says:

Betting on the A3 being a success is like betting on the sun coming up
tomorrow… LOL. Still, not a bad looking car, (similar to the outgoing
model which was OK if a little safe) and Audi have had long enough to get
stuff like ride, handling, economy etc., ‘right’ enough for the average

pampucuk says:

Best car in its class. Better than ugly 1 Series and Mercedes A Class. Way
ahead of Volvo V40 which is not even premium HB.

Anik Adamali says:

would go for an A class over this, the Audi is no where near as exciting
inside or out

Aurelian says:

I enjoy Vicky’s reviews! Clearly knows her material (including here) and
delivers in an ear-pleasing way. More please.

poooooow says:

Audi is great for interiour, but I have driven all kind of audis, and I
dont get the tickle like in a BMW. I want a audi interiour with a bmw
engine <3

veteq101 says:

nicely done. great review

ryan christian says:

Not her again fucking upper class tart she a shit persenter GET RID!!!!

Sunny Singhi says:

What contradictions in d review lol

Bobby Croghan says:

Whats with these screens now that just stick up out of the dash?

Monkeylabs says:

I expected you to say something nice after reading the first part of your
sentence. My bad.

sickjohnson says:

I couldn’t agree with you more. Also the video is very pleasing; how did
they get that giant crane shot…remote flyer? My only complaint is there
is not enough videos with Vicky and she drives over the center line of the
road a bit much.

QhalisNajmi says:

Autocar fired everyone else.. and only kept her to do all the reviews
nowadays. hmmm…

E Avila says:

I didn’t finish watching the video , this chick is horrid !!! Please ,
please get someone else.

jandj Godwin says:

autocar please review the FORD FOCUS 1.0 ecoboost

ToInfinity1 says:

i want one!

Anvesh Kompelli says:

Not to hate but what happened to steve???

PussMag says:

aw, wow, Audi Golf

PKmode says:

The new RS3 will be a GREAT car!

yirgachef says:

I love how the overwhelming majority of the criticism directed towards this
woman was puerile sexist trash, and autocar have just slapped those idiots
in the face and placed her in every review they put out

Jf Darcy says:

Hello beautiful. Nice car aswell.

Mububban23 says:

And you are mean and rude, what’s your point?

rob cobrea says:

bad review…. I wonder who buys an A3 for fun… Why don`t reviewers get
it….as a consumer I am not interested if the A3 is fun or not…but if
it`s a corect car for the money…it offers a good consumption figure it`s
well built…the maintenance it`s ok and if it`s easy and safe to drive…
Fun…in a simple equation is MONEY + FERRARI = MONZA WEEKEND

Wilfred Zweverink says:

Doesn’t make me tick, but it will probably sell by the quadrizillions
again. Anyway, i heard SAAB returned from the dead, maybe a decent
zombiecar instead…

steve6493 says:

Great review. Great car.

Jamie Bridges says:

I JUST SOLD MY CAR… piss off!!!

SeanANDConnahs BMXin says:

Low profile tires :/

Allan Petersen says:

Its just a good boring car really

nightpwner says:

Is the 6-speed manual being phased out?

DumpValvesAndDnB says:

“Hi I’m looking to buy a new car” “Well sir, are you a wanker who likes to
have a snobby badge on a boring emotionless car?” “yes” “Audi it is then”

b145701s says:

2.0l tdi, why would you like a 7speed gearbox?!

TheEryk03 says:

No it’s not.

BobElHat says:

Whereas Steve Sutcliffe is slim and beautiful?

javed gajia says:

Body language shows nervousness.

kevin ohlin says:

Coming out on Youtube.. Good for you.

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