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VIDEO 8 says:

i watched the 2008-2011 bmw review from carbuyer and now when i watch this
audi a4 2008-2011 review i can easily see that this audi interior is far
far better then the bwm series 2008-2011 interior what do you guys think?

Aldo Agazzi says:

you missed the alfa romeo 159

Gator says:

@seanymo sounds like you cared. why are you even commenting if it doesnt

Łukasz Kotkowski says:

Go and check out Rob Chappers- Youtube trolls and how to deal with them.
He’s such a funny guy, and this video is a little bit in Diablo realms :D

jim park says:

eh. id still buy it.

Gator says:

@umadbrow poor fag? what do you know about me? owning a m3 makes you rich?
you are so stupid. you want to know what else costs as much as your a4? my
watch. but i dont need to show off to you. you are just some punk ass
little kid who thinks he knows what money is.

Gator says:

@umadbrow lol you think having a $34,000 car makes you rich?

Gator says:

@seanymo i think that wasting 12 years of my life in school so i can help
people as a doctor makes me a better. the money is a bonus. you dont know
shit about me kid, shut the fuck up. i see nothing childish about what i
said and you dont know what my conversation was about. you sound like some
angry lazy bum that wants a free ride through life. heres some advice:
nothing in life is free…

Sunthaz says:

Dumbest comment on a car video ever. You say that you get the same amount
of car with a cheap plastic vehicle as in a luxury sedan? There’s either
something you clearly did not understand about cars or you are just an
unambitious loser!

Gator says:

@umadbrow you’re poor kid. you never will own a yacht. not even if you sold
daddy’s a4 and m3. truth hurts right?

Gator says:

@umadbrow you’re just a poor ass bitch that thinks he’s something cuz you
have a fricken a4. its only 34,000. thats nothing. sorry kid but thats a
loooooong way from wealth.

Samuel Gregorson says:

Thats what I think. And on the new audi a4 the interior is alot more nicer
then on this one.

Luis Sandoval says:

I prefer the legacy Gt from Subaru.

TheOne12990 says:

Is this a good investment for younger people (first car)? Is the navigation
standard or just optional?

LS R says:

Lol. I see why people hate you… Go get with sovietninja in a room and
make peace with him, asshole.

SwiftHDX says:

Exactly, you don’t have anything else to say. If you were that happy about
your A4 and M3 you would be showing them off by posting a video of them
each day. I’m not surprised that you look like an idiot. You’re the worst
troll I have come across on YouTube. I will give you a tip, if you stop
replying you will stop yourself from looking like such an idiot.

SwiftHDX says:

I’m not even going to bother arguing with a stupid troll with no friends.
Grow up.

Vasile Nikk says:

@umadbrow fuck yourself idiot. put a film on youtube with your m3 and show
us if you are so fucking proud, otherwise you’re just a fucking loser and
above all you’re a wanker m8. Go fuck your mother and be mature.

gandalfwiz20007 says:

i can see where 2011 Jetta got it’s interior and exterior design:)

GodricThe says:

yeah if you live in coutries like uk, germany, austria, france

Gator says:

@umadbrow hahahaha get this kid. daddy is gonna die one day. you’ll then
realize he didnt leave you with anything cuz you are broke. and then you’re
screwed. me however, i have a job, own a practice, am very successful in a
business that has set me up for life. you havent accomplished anything. and
i know that because you have an a4 ;p

Mike Hawk says:


periskop says:

very good quality but boring car. it’s an audi. they are all the same. they
all look the same – same sausage different sizes, as the saying goes. safe,
solid, but boring. the awd still drives like a fwd with better grip. safe,
numb. and the door shoulder line is very high, feels like being in a cave.
it’s nice. pass me the bmw.

WowzaBoyz says:

ehhh….it may be just me but i feel like audi’s just have no soul, no
character. it’s just kind of a generic euro luxury car. not to say it’s
cheap, but nothing really…distinguishes it

jackd166 says:

Are u going to review the updated version of the A4 anytime soon?

libertateaaa says:

romania here are more ferrari then lambo ferrari sold all cars for 2 years
in advance

paladain55 says:

spacious in the back?! i guess a europeans would say that since all their
cars are tiny/ he is also short

chigasaki06 says:

@umadbrow Who brags about something owned by a parent? Get a life…lol

Bensaves says:

Nice generalisation there. not all Americans are pigheaded, in fact america
has some nice people. the most outspoken ones are generally idiots, but the
same could be said for Europeans, or people from any country for that
matter. America has big cars because america is a big country with wide
road. I know, logic is terrifying, right? America has also made some
utterly fantastic and peerless cars, just like almost every country ever.

happyshoppinglifept says:


Gator says:

@umadbrow yeah cuz since you probably cant afford it, no one else can
afford it either. and you expect me to believe that you have an a4 and a
m3. assuming you do, they dont prove anything. and they arent expensive. my
landscaper has an a4. that says a lot. if you dont have one, you must be
really poor since you think they’re expensive. you probably have no money
cuz you’re some punk ass kid that thinks he knows about money. sorry kid,
but daddy doenst have as much money as you thought he did.

david truong says:

its funny because every time he reviews a car it seems like he’s owned own

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