Audi A4 Review (2000)

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Glenda McKay reviews the the Audi A4 and finds out if the revisions to the engine and the looks can keep the Audi ahead of the competition.


DJWario says:

Not at all. Im with you, I love my old 02 A4 and its pretty face, my old
’00 A6 pre-facelift did look dated. New ones look like a fish with the
mouth wide open. Although im warming up to the 08 A4 with its trunk lid
spoiler finish which i needed to buy separate spoiler on my 02 A4. The new
’14 models are incredibly ugly with those new headlights gives the car a
child-like ‘Bully” kinda face or toy-like. 

fullfist says:

am i the only one that doesnt like the modern audi-s huge black grill air
intake? this is much nicer

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