Audi A4 Review – Everyday Driver

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Audis latest A4 attempts to surpass the 3 Series and C class. Our guys take it to neighborhoods, beaches, and canyons to see if this A4 is a contender. See m…


Ben A says:

Too Picky and too opinionated.

Dorin Munteanu says:

so different reviews from the european ones…still interesting to watch

jjuhring1 says:

Amazing how two reviewers who I genuinely respect can have such different
opinions on the same car.

Laweeze Morton says:

Audi is the new German Mitsubishi.

Sam Karoll says:

Lol…he said fobvagina

EverydayDriver says:

We make every effort to give our honest driving impressions of the car as
we know there are stats available all over the net. Having said that… we
HOPE these videos make you want to drive the cars for yourself. Go out,
drive them, and feel free to disagree with us. We just want people to
really love what they drive. Meanwhile… DaOneAndOnly3 – You can’t go
wrong with BMW’s handling feel. That’s the place the 3 Series shines the
most. Hope you can get one!

chickenpax1 says:

Sport sedan? If a4 is a sport. sedan, then wat do u consider s4? Damn
theses guys are better off reviewing lawn mower. God damn they suck.

keyser soze says:

audi a4 has ELECTRONIC HANDLING which does not gives feedback to the driver
on the road especially when cornering , it has a numb feel to it ,

jakofallaces says:

buying the cheapest version and reviewing it is like sampling a single
scoop of ice cream and saying the entire batch is crap. try the 3.2
prestige and maybe you will have less to whine about

kimcheestang says:

If you would “read” my response verbatim, you would notice that I said that
I’d rather read about the cars that I’m interested in and THEN drive them.
I know I am, what are you? ha ha ha

Jonathan Godinez says:

@Will6719 an average “everyday driver” doesn’t use manual.

CPAR15 says:

what a4 have the DRL headlights?

MsLissay says:


mont808 says:

junk review (unsubcribe)

LoveTheCity123 says:

@panasonicboy Obviously not if you can’t provide any proof.

michaelthepsycho says:

I test drove one of these both in Quattro and FWD and I have to agree
totally with the reviewers: the steering does NOT give any confidence at
all. It is lighter than my Altima, Maxima, and Lancer. Everything else is
SUPERB though: interior comfort, gadgetry, exterior design, the engine’s
torquey-ness (fuel-economy), and the suspension bump absorption. Buy one if
you want a comfortable daily driver!

wildbloodydragon says:

@EverydayDriver It has because this person has never had a same-sex friend
who just his/her friend. That’s the only way such a simple concept could be
in-comprehensive for someone.

slobowitz says:

Not for 4 adults.. unless they’re below 5.5…

Kevin Edwards says:

if you actually drive a 3 series bmw you will see exactly what he is
talking about. the previous A4 were nothing but trouble 2004 to present.
they were slow, cheaply made, and alot of the electric components failed.
windows, radio, sun roof etc… BMW builds much stronger cars then audi.

Rich Doling says:

A4 quattro 2.0 all day over any bmw or mercedes

dunti21 says:

Honda Accord??? Toyota Corolla??? Are these guys fucking blind??!!!

kompleti says:

i hate the new styling.look at the rear door looks smaller than the front
door and the line from the front to the rear door go down.

Justin Duong says:

if you’d rather read about cars, why don’t you go buy a magazine or print
an article on the 3 series go sit on your shitter and read one then waste
your time watching this video and making yourself sound like an ignorant,
judgemental infant. (props to me for the “21″ reference)

papapapa16 says:

i own an a4 and i love my fob-gina!

kiman2 says:

Paul is just a leeetle biased on this one…

LoveTheCity123 says:

@panasonicboy Please provide proof of where I said I had other cars. No, I
only have one car and that is the new 2010 Audi A4 Prestige Model that my
father got me ..

derbigpr500 says:

@BrianDewy And yoooooouuuuuuuu win the…..RETARD AWARD. Congratulations.
By the way, dont judge a car if you havent even seen it in person, not to
mention driving it. Audi A4 is the best, BY FAR best car in the class. Yes,
BMW might be more fun to drive on a perfectly smooth road, but go to a
bumpy road, and its extremely hard, uncomfortable, and it doesnt handle as
good, its all over the place. Audi is better made, more comfortable,
spacious, quieter, more luxurious. Better overall.

Will6719 says:

if “powerful and precise” is your standard, why are you using an automatic
as your test car? manual cars should be the basis for any analysis around
these concepts as well as “driver involvement”. when you include fuel
consumption, I think the A4 beats out the 3 series any day of the week.

Chase Asher says:

@LoveTheCity123 rigghhttt, then how come you post on other videos that your
dad has just got you some other type of car. Did he buy you 10 brand new
cars or are you lying? I wonder which one it could be??

consumedbyfire13 says:

I agree, I hate it that all of the big luxury sport sedans have gotten big
as hell like a Lumina or a Roadmaster (not that big though).

Justin Duong says:

Your point is? Either way you said you’d rather READ ABOUT THE CARS
regardless for what reason.

Devin Lowe says:

fob-gina. lol.

Ash Sh says:

so i’m guessing for someone who wants luxury and economic A4 is the go to
car…my question is i wanna move over to euro from jap but Maintainability
cost is my issue after the 3 or 5 yr of ownership.

Adrianos Fidi says:

TODD is A4 , not S4 or RS4

virgoice says:

@hb4f4 Must we say everything we think..especially something that has
nothing to do with what is being presented. How did we get from a road
review to someone’s bedroom???

DragonGoode says:

LOL @ ‘fob-gina’ !!!!!!!

Liam McNeice says:

@BrianDewy I’m from canada, they dont sell holden’s here.

Liam McNeice says:

@BrianDewy My dad’s got one of these. I’m 6’4 and I can comfortably fit in
the rear seat. If you don’t service any car as scheduled, the car will have
major problems. Gutless? The fact that it’s faster than a bmw 328xi and the
mercedes c300, considering they’re both V6′s, this car is pretty gutsy.

kimcheestang says:

After watching a few of the reviews from these two morons. I must say that
these two morons don’t know much about styling and performance (I’m no
expert either). Saying stupid things like cars are looking like Accords and
Corollas (good machines with bland styling). It seems like these two ass
clowns laid out the jump to conclusions game from Office Space and used it
to review cars. Yes I do think that the long haired dude is full of himself.

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