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HectorNintendoCraft says:

I love the leather colouring inside :3

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more Audi

dipro001 says:

way too expensive, much rather get a jaguar XF

Conrad Oddoye says:

Perfect review. High tempo and informative. No beating around the bush!

2009khalidos says:

The way this guy harps on about the transmission tunnel in every luxury
car, it’s as if he implies manufacturers purposely and carelessly put it
there for no reason other than to make the ride suck for the centre

gamertanafc says:

The previous gens face was alot better 

Ninad Ganore says:

better than a bmw

praveen murali says:

whats the hurry man??

Superdsheppard says:

One thing I like about this car is the 1900KG braked towing capacity! The
BMW 3 Series can only tow 1800KG braked. BUT the Audi A6 Allroad can tow
2500KG braked that is 500KG better than a Land Rover Freelander!!! It also
had air suspension and electric deployable tow bar!!! With a 4WD

alpha11ish says:

I love audi but not these small toy ones if I had the money it would have
to be the bigger one..

Alaatin61 says:

I filmed the 2014 Audi A4. Check my channel.

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for the 2014 Audi RS4

Tyron says:

yeah I think I’ll get a 59 plate 2L for 34k less

Cloverofmist says:

It’s diesel

2207paris says:

Mat the best!

Rex Ping says:

Does anyone realize that scene 2.15 is raining ?

Chris Pahl says:

Why do you get so much equipment as standart in GB?

roozbehbey says:

You’ve clearly never owned an Audi before and probably will never ever come
close to owning one , now go fuck yourself.

Mario Lopez says:

Mat has so much swag

Salman Din says:

It’s raining because the doors open, so the camera man can film him

Martin Lundström says:

170000 SEK

Quin Yessin says:

I like this one better, the lights look nicer

Narrowc ross says:

I dont mind the bad steering, what I do care about the a smooth gearbox.
Glad to hear good things about this one

Jacob Dunn says:

If almost all the cars you review have transmission tunnel, why even point
it out? Just to complain about it?

Konstantin Drokin says:

What watch do you wear?

Lookin4aDime says:

the rain is awesome

Tagerh says:

61 miles per gallon?….what?!…really?

ilk klv says:

so this should be Dexter’s new drive hahah

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