Audi A4 Video Review —

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SalMK0 says:

Of course that price includes nearly every feature you could ever want
including navigation and outstanding bang and olufsen sound system,
adaptive headlights, and a blind spot warning system…….and some tacos.

tinleo333 says:

@shutittwat no the a4 is bigger on the outside and inside than q5 is just

Jason Crispi says:

How can the narrator say the Audi has ‘the punch of a G35′. When does a
turbocharged engine ever mimic a non-turbo engine? The G35 is also a slower
car. That was a lame way to try and draw comparisons to each vehicle they
compared. These hosts are just acting out terrible contrived commercials.

tinleo333 says:

@posteldudedb depends of your taste audi has good interiors

posteldudedb says:

@gagandhaliwal2007 The f30 or e90? The f30 i drove was really good. Wel a
bmw is sporty so it is natural that is ride is stiffer and harder. But my
last car was a mini sport, and that was backbreaking stiff.

tinleo333 says:

@shutittwat you are right

George Glaser says:

The audi A4 is a steel when you compare the C250. The Merc C250 with the
same features is going for 50k and the BMW 3 series same thing.

xoquixxoqafxo says:

wtf was up with the plate of food on the trunk lid? haha

CarsTrucksAndAirplanes says:

They should offer the 3.2 V6 like they used to.

bobzzz23 says:

And that is excatly why I had my mother buy one. I’m 14 and she thought it
was weird how I couldn’t sleep at night that 40k plus cars from Mercedes
and Bmw came standerd with Leather. She is so happy with it. A while ago..
Like maybe 1999 or 2000(give or take) my dad had a 318i coupe it broke down
In the first month and had cloth seats! Never again will we buy a Bmw or
Mercedes-Benz. They are SO much over priced from Audis witch look a lot
better too.

veiga devil says:

@soyntgo4it the problem is the “entry” for them is “supercar” money for

drbuddyjul says:

see scene with plate on trunk. think wtf. scroll down and confirm with top

Rafael Dimayuga says:

45-50k for a 4 banger turbo. 99% of buyers will either lease these or buy
them off lease.

Nick Pearce says:

LOL I meant $113000.00 . God I feel stupid….

787brx8 says:

Comparing a diesel car to a gasoline car? Why?

Nick Pearce says:

Way better deal than the Bmw 3 series and the Mercedes C-class. BUT~~~~~ I
would much rather have one of those. I really just prefer the interiors of
the competitors. Don’t get me wrong, its much nicer than my car LOL. (dont
kill me)

reevsaj says:

Front wheel drive for around the same price as rear wheel drive BMW and
Mercedes Benz. Quattro should be standard.

Kommaseir says:

Best intro music ever…reminded me of the scene in pulp fiction when they
brought out the gimp.

bigbosss227 says:

this is a beautiful car. Is it the sLine version?

ImMikoFreako says:

272 hp 330i does 47 mpg, bmw has much better engines + better petrol

blane237 says:

My ass! What freaking what 328i are you driving? That vehicle is rated at
23 city/33 hwy.

hufington says:

Too expensive when fully loaded.

tinleo333 says:

@posteldudedb 3 series interior is more boring

bobzzz23 says:

they didn’t come standard with leather I mean whoops

SaMaster18 says:

@gagandhaliwal2007 328 or 335?

tinleo333 says:

very good alternative to 3 series or crappy small c class

blane237 says:

Wow you’re the most polite person I’ve come across on YouTube. Sorry if I
sounded like a douche on my previous comment. But yea me and a buddy test
drove the 328i yesterday and that thing is sweet!

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