Audi A4 vs BMW 3 Series – Edmunds A-Rated Luxury Sedans Face Off

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Two cars and two editors Face Off: the Audi A4 vs the BMW 3 Series. Editors James Riswick and Mike Monticello debate the merits of each sedan, in…

Comments says:

Two cars and two Edmunds editors Face Off: the +Audi USA A4 vs the +BMW 3

Jarl Ballin' says:

No one with half a brain would say the 3-series interior is better than the
Audi A4. The 3-series has hard plastic everywhere and the seats are way too
firm. And BMW charges you for upgraded interior materials…

Mike Halpert says:

Audi Forsure

Marius Man says:

BMW every damn time!!! I’ve got BMW DNA running thru my veins!

swinglow33 says:

I prefer the A4 with Quattro all wheel drive. It out performs the BMW in
grip in the slippery stuff we get up here in the North East.

rbassdo says:

Interesting how the Audi was superior in braking, slalom and skid pad but
lost the performance point, seemingly, due to being 0.3 seconds slower to
60 mph. IMO, that was poor judgment on Edmund’s part.

Justin Chang says:

How long ago were these filmed…? The A4 is last generation as well as the
BMW iDrive…

tonydano says:

You are comparing a 3 year old A4 to the current 3-Series! wtf? This A4 has
been out since 08. 

Stevie B says:

Edmonds, this is a bit of a let-down, Performance is Audi all day and twice
on Sunday. Audi’s transmission is also superior to that of the bimmer …I
was looking into a 3 and you get nickeled and dimed on everything. the
BMW’s interior is indeed fresher however the A4 wins in my book

Dustin Williams says:


Ponygt 662 says:

Why is Audi a good car, buy a VW Passat 2.0 TSi R line, its same car has
more space more comfy, same engine, has all the options 1 would ever want

Everybody complains Lincolns,Cadillacs badge engineering sucks etc but Audi
is in every way a VW wxcpet the RS models

rkhrahmani says:

It is interesting to se how Audi A4 and BMW 3 series are considered to be
very close. BMW 3 series wins and it should. After all it was redesigned in
2011-12. A4 was redesigned in 2008-9. 

Slimecrazy234 says:

The F30 is a very good car but the old A4 is now outclassed by so many in
the segment it makes this comparison a waste of time. Should have compared
the IS, ATS, or even the new C-class if you could get one. 

Chevon Bailey says:

I have an audi a3 that’s only 5 years old and the roof is sagging along
with other problems…my next car will be a BMW 3 series

kevin n says:

Two thing to add. The Audi is a much cleaner/sharper design and if you
want quattro/awd with a manual, Audi is it.

RC. Expedition says:

BMW ! 

Stuart Anderson says:

I’ve never enjoyed the “editor at each car’s corner” format, where they
both defend their car’s qualities regardless if it really aligns with their
views. Adding a host and a game show format doesn’t improve it. One
person’s view of both cars back-to-back is more valuable. 

Ed D.L.C. says:

Wtf bruh, in the performance part the BMW only had better acceleration so
wtf did it get the point??? The only argument the second gug was different
engine choices. What…

Javon K says:

The BMW of course. The A4 is basically a higher equipped Jetta, and it
kinda looks like a Jetta too.

yiyangcheng says:

I’d skip A4 and jump to ATS

Rai Tian Xiang Luo says:

2:44 the BMW has a busted fog light… build quality in question?

jelayne says:

Why is the comparison the older version of the A4 ?® says:

Two cars and two Edmunds editors Face Off: the +Audi USA A4 vs the +BMW 3

justin bouche says:

should have done a ATS to the bmw 3… would have been a closer match since
merc/audi is too focused on luxury in a small sports sedan segment. 

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