Audi A5 Convertible: Review from Consumer Reports

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The Audi A5 Convertible is not cheap and the controls are frustrating, but the car we tested is a likable and livable package. Learn more about the Audi A5 a…


vic lam says:

every review you do by CONSUMER REPORTS….all you say is “wide centre
console” for every single car…shut the fuck up

bubba gump says:

Had a 2007 A4 Cab and loved it. Purchased a 2013 A5 Cab after 1 test
drive. Much more refinement….better appointments, quieter and better
handling. After 4 months we love this car! Worth the money so far.

TonyTube407 says:

What model year is this?

connor6770 says:

@trilingualkid but not as sexy as the Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet

yannickdelmez says:

controls aren’t hard to use at all…the mmi system is much easier to use
compared to other cars like bmw (idrive)…

jvrdlc says:

can you guys review the new avalon 2011

jvrdlc says:

How reliable is this car in a long term. Like I want to get it. If I do
should I consider extending the powertrain and engine warranty for 5yrs
100k miles? Anyone owns this car for 2010

Drake Pate says:

Don’t you want to hear the engine if other people are in your car? I
thought having a 40% loud engine was a cool thing.

Olivier Fontenelle says:

Great looking car though :)

jnjnjjnknknjbh says:

this car looks dope as hell im going to save up for this!!!!!!

Shahul Usman says:

Kbb says the Audi is the lowest cost of ownership of all luxury makes..
Including reliability, resale and maintenance. Being a awd convertible is
excellent. Rain, snow or shine, this car always shines :)

SkinnedLynryd says:

I love the complex controls in my Audi, when you’re bored on a long trip it
gives you stuff to mess with, still everything can be done quickly if you
need to and know how. Love Audi

ihasnocookies says:

My dad has one!! Goregous.

jorgekontor says:

@jodes015 that is not supposed to happen unless there is something very
wrong with the oil line or the engine.

besteli1 says:

I hate this guy

jvrdlc says:

great review Tom..

LearnToFly1000 says:

Lmfao I really love how he complained about the climate control. Trust me
the audi mmi is probably one of the best ways to control climate and media
and such. What is there to complain about? Instead of a bunch of buttons
for different climate controls you have one button that does it all.
Personally I think it’s ideal.

jvrdlc says:

yes it is

omfggoogle says:

Never buy the 2.0 V4, power and looks are both a must.

Madame Zeroni says:

this man is so negative.

aninstrumentalvision says:

Disembodied torso at 2:56

combatcoal says:

I love this car. going 82 mph on the interstate and the engine is running
around 2000 rpm. this ride is smooth. don’t forget the all important sound
system. nice bass considering the subs are attached to the speakers= no
room for sub in the trunk. a4 cabrio is a fun ride too, although they
stopped making them. Audi just keeps on impressing

joanne d says:

ive read that the car eats oil. is this true?

combatcoal says:

btw, they don’t make the 3.2 l engine anymore, your stuck with the 2.0
turbo. i drove both for years. the 3.2 is quick off the line. the 2.0 turbo
is noticed at higher speeds. great reliable engine either way!

yassine maarrach says:

@trilingualkid yes It is , But never Liked the Fabric top , I wish it was a
Hard top Like in BMW 3 series

trilingualkid says:

so much sexier then a bmw 328i

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