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skylineXpert says:

of course quattro is worth it

gamertanafc says:

The black edition is the one

R0kiio says:

60 mpg? Is this guy high?

simpsons790 says:

could you please do an audi s5 review? i would greatly appriciate it!

Hamada Alsoory says:


Keyes Audi says:

Have you seen the new Audi A5 redesign? Watch this great review by CarBuyer
and let me know if you Like or just plain out Love it.

gamertanafc says:

Looks so stylish

gamertanafc says:

Id say the black edition does look really good but the c class coupe has
the looks on the a5 an the 4 series

Dominik Odobašić says:

Holy damn, I remember getting stuck in the back in one of these… Just
couldn’t get out! So embarrassing!!!

Jonay2k says:

This is a sweet car, but I’d take the S5

Osama Bin Masood says:

Sony ad.

Darko Dropulja says:

i think the best option is the 3.0TDI

JeffJordProductions says:

C coupe is most comfortable, 3 is most thrilling to drive, and the a5 is a
mix of both with the best gas mileage. the a5 also is the only one that is
affordable with a manual (at least in america)

Vul Vlah says:

@gyes99 I think that COUPE is key word…

abinim007 says:

LOL…you look far more different (grown up actually) here…You were
younger in Mercedes benz cls 550 review…and that was the best one

ThePianoTester says:

Very clever the last videos. In all of them, Matt manage to end with a very
funny joke.

Anthony Hill says:

Aka belly button A5

Tan Nguyen says:

someday, he gonna crash someone with that speed, if he keep talking with
the camera like this =]]

TheClubshaker says:


swiv2d says:

@123459375 Oh..

Adam Ertsey says:

Where do you snowboard in Britain?

xXBrandon8oh5Xx says:

Did he say 60mpg?!?

alex59ba says:

don’t like this color

Darko Dropulja says:

3.0TDI 240hp is the right choice…

FreshFranki says:

how tall is this dude??

paul daniel raj Balasingh says:

man he can sell anything…..

BenjaminSapsford says:

Front wheel would be a slight bit more economical I think! (Do your
research on the figures) but overall Quattro (AWD) because it’s more
practical, especially in the winter and it would be a bit more fun :)

Narrowc ross says:

Basically means it uses very little gas

CoreMaster111 says:

ugly colour

Charlie Carol says:

A5 or Benz C coupe or BMW 3?

cockshield says:

Good comment! All the “my brand has a bigger dick than yours” nonsense is
completely pointless.

Nelaschen says:

:-D !!! Matt Is Back!!! Good Job Matt Love Your Vedio Reviews~

junkey chan says:

Why is he driving on the wrong side of the road???

Evan O says:

Original A5 looked better

YaZha46 says:

3:39 Careful Mat, don’t too amazed by that car. :D

Thomazz46 says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought i saw TFSI on the back?

bandosnoob15 says:

@gizm0ranger what do you mean in real life that is real life its not a game

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