Audi A5 coupe vs BMW 4 Series coupe vs Mercedes C-Class coupe

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Homard15 says:

you must bring the Mercedes E-Class coupe not C-Class coupe

CarsFan says:

All this guy needs is a pink volkswagen beetle…and a new shirt lol

AzAz Chowdhary says:

xxs shirt?

gamertanafc says:

Audi a5 overall is the best

Chris says:

that is a very stylish review

Elliot Noteware says:

Get that guy a bigger shirt.

zackariah gill says:

i like this guy he knows his cars and by cars i mean audi lol

matteo rossi says:


TheKmc121 says:

Say ‘Quite’ on more time. I dare you. 

echoid says:

The Audi you have is the S line black addition hardly fare to compare to a

You should have used an M Sport version 

thatcrazyjames says:

How can he afford any of those when he can’t afford to buy a shirt that
fits. He’s wearing his little brothers clothes. 

Islam azeem says:

audi seats adjusting manually… damn thats lame 

Ayrton Atif says:

When will you guys be able to review the M4?

Enix Liu says:

really? pick up a diesel car to compare with other two gas cars? and he has
a wife?… 

Montazar Abdukarim says:

I prefer the bmw

santrade10 says:

Are they a couple?

syketer says:

Audi rules … looks hotter as Hell! 

Cjkologe says:

next time get the 4 series with M package and in black/white and the Bimmer
looks a hell lot better!

Sadik .Sindbad says:

A lot of gay people drives an Audi A5

joão Fernandes says:

AUDI IS BETTER FOREVER <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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