Audi A5 Coupe Whatcar Review

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For The A5 is classy, solidly-built and desirable. Its performance is strong, whichever engine you choose, and its handling generally composed Against Even b…


wayne6qf7 says:

who would watch this in 240p?

savvas Quattro says:

you should write : Audi -everyone

mbest2005 says:

@INGRAM0009 You may want to check out the back seat for yourself. I have
the A5 and I regularly have my friends who are 6 ft plus in the back seat.
My friend with a 2001 A4 swears there is more room in my coupe then his 4

jimbolightningy says:

@AandresHernandezZ bmw = yuppie then i gues yes

marcus974ever says:


LearnToFly1000 says:

@123kensi No, it’s actually confortable in my opinion. The only downside is
the limited visibility when sitting in the back seat on long trips. Gets a
bit boring sitting back there sometimes but there is also foot warmers for
rear passengers, a fold down armrest with pop out cupholders, and
sufficient room for your legs.

Haydn K says:

I did love this car, so I bought one, now I hate it

Lord Staind says:

Haha, nobody gives a shit. So what if you drive on the right or left side.
It doesn’t fcking matter!! What an idiot!!

AndresOfficial says:

Mercedes Benz = older people 45+ BMW- professional young person 25-40 Audi-

trisha davis says:

Just ordered my A5 Sline in white, cant wait!!!!!

titoli1 says:

how much better is the 3 series in handling and balance?

Eric Booker says:

beautiful car, too bad this video was filmed using a potato

James Ho says:

@ahandzhiev Please provide justification for your claim please. Otherwise,
it seems to me that you are just making a pointless argument based on your
biased and disrespectful attitude. As I have said, in my opinion driving on
the right is wrong. However, we can no longer change the systems and thus,
we should stop arguing about it. I accept the fact that this world is not
in the way I want it to be. So should you understand there are just things
that you do not like yet have to live with.

Jann Fries says:

is the seat really that small in the back

epona202 says:

I think the assertion that only small children can fit in the back of the
A5 is hugely incorrect. Both myself (17) and my quite tall sister (24) were
able to sit quite comfortable in the back of this car, when it comes to leg
space anyway (we thought the seats were a bit too upright)

footballgeorgiebest says:

Poor A5, What have Audi done to your looks? 2012 vers equals FAIL.

Vladimir Cvetkovic says:

come on wtf is this shitty video quality

gulfmen86 says:

thumbs up if after all these years on earth… the steering wheel on the
right side seems weird lol.

mtksbctk says:

here… *offers cock to your mouth*

Ibrahim Delil says:

i was able to fit 6 guys (including me, all of us are 6ft+) in an A3 coupe
on numerous occasions.


@AandresHernandezZ Mercedes = Retired 55+ crowd BMW = Young, Professional,
original sports car personalities Audi = Technology loving, futuristic
visionaries that push the bar up! an elite crowd of followers

Denissa Vega says:

Shitty quality wtf

Nebur Rodriguez says:

en blanco!! uff wapo wapo!

gulfmen86 says:

Blow a cock you faggot.

Benfrix says:

BEST CAR EVER…. Lambo aint got nothing on the A5

Ballbags70 says:

WTF video quality sucks, could have been a Kia review who knows ???

360MoDsX says:

They must have recorded this with a call phone

James Ho says:

@ahandzhiev Do you know originally people drove on the left side of the
roads? From our point of view, you Americans are not having your steering
wheel on the right side and you drive on the wrong side of the road. It is
going to be an endless debate over which is right or wrong. Yet, such a
debate is pointless and worthless. Thus, I suggest that you should stop
making fun of us from the places where right-hand-drive cars are driven on
the left side of the road. Respect other traditions please.

INGRAM0009 says:

it’s a very big car for a car that doesn’t have a use able back seat.

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