Audi A5 & S5 Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

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wfangnxd117 says:

Put a deposit on the 2014 A5 in Phantom Black with a 6 speed. Should have
it in March. Can’t wait!

bewd6797 says:

Best car in it’s class

Volnik says:

Sexy car but S5 should be faster :/ BMW 335 will beat S5 around the track (
Miserable difference of course but still )

juukame says:

i just love the front of the car; the low, wide stance and those headlights
just make it look absolutely intimidating.

wooluiseongmin says:

@alexjxcx all the cars u mentioned are german made..the beamers and
benz..and the wtf are you talking about

Adrianos Fidi says:

S5 is not a match . you see it , and you WANT it

metraian says:

sexiest coupe on the market

AdrianoCROST says:

@DTMvsJDM I don’t talk about exciting but repetitive. Every Audis are same.
Same crap as VW, Mercedes, Porsche. Japanese cars are exciting comparing to
Germans. They at least made something new. You can know in advance how will
next german car look (VW, Audi, Mercedes…) Same old car with few touches
copied from others.

klipsch540 says:

answer rs5

greekmonstervt91 says:

i hope my 8/hr job can pay for a car like these :/

Shawn Mathew says:

No 335i competes with the S5. M3 competes with the upcoming RS5

quadritos says:

two frontals, two curtains, and two frontal-torax

Michael Daniels II says:

@cyavash Great question, I am trying to figure that out myself, E550 is a
new model by 2 yrs, and faster but a little on the stuffy side, S5 looks
cool is awd, slightly better MPG and has a younger, more technologically
advanced feel despite the fact that the E550 is actually the more advance
car when it comes to the safety technology level, but??? I’m 28, well I’ll
be 29 by the time I buy, they are about the same price new or used. Oh,
what a quandary?

ghoststar says:

im way more turned on by the car than the girl.

Solowizard says:

TopSpeed23 , I have seen it in person. That is why I said what I said.

Caninefire says:

It depends on where you are and how “educated” you are. Like the difference
between pecans and “pea-cans”, which just makes one sound like an idiot

ThousanWhite says:

I’m gonna get a 2008 A5 in about 2 years (when I can afford it!)

Alpay Toprak says:

audi is very good auto!!!!

Jtobi says:

idk if i should get the A5 or S5 fuck

Thomas Wu says:

@JMGameVideos if u CAN drive, go for a M3, its handles more involvingly

redman6657 says:

@BlackWolf11 The S5 gets even better though in terms of performance and all
that fun stuff…

xEGC92x says:

we may be getting 1 of these, could u get a 5 ft 8 person in the back
behind a 6ft person

JMGameVideos says:

So, should I change my Q7 for an S5 ? I just don’t need the extra room,
since it is only me and maybe someone else in the car, the Q7 is just too
big for us. This or a BMW M3?

computermech says:

In Canada they are $20,000 more new.

torrancecadesigner says:

I have a red 6 speed A5. Love the car.

805zacatecas says:

@wooluiseongmin Who the fuck would compare the A5 to CTSV, come on now
wheres your logic!!!??? i was obviously talking about the S5, which starts
at $65,000 in california! which is around the same as the CTSV, both base
price…… Get outta here fanboy! i talk from purchase experience!

Thomas Wu says:

@JMGameVideos What?? I changed out all my speakers to JBLs and Kenwood
(carbon kelvar) subs.. and its way better than B&O IMHO it aint enough to
decide on a CAR coz of the speakers…we all know M3 speakers are shit cans
with magnets smaller than my fridge magnets

Kevin Edwards says:

@viveack what do you think spanish people are?

antiignorant says:

beautiful car, beautifully priced. very impressive. very competitive

koolaidpuc says:

the s5 every freakin day over the bmw serie 3…but question it
better than the series 6…or m6 model..i dont know!

Get4Instinct says:

OR OR!!! an RS5?

klipsch540 says:

Yes. I have one with teenage son.

TRBelieve says:

I’m 20, and I am considering an A5 as my next car (to be bought within
6months.) I’m considering these 4 cars; Camaro 2SS, Audi A5, Merc C300, or
BMW 328xi. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

cyavash says:

s5 or e550 coupe?

blondie81998 says:

the A5 competes with the 335 coupe…. actually, i drove both – Audi A5 won
hands down! Ive had mine since last Sept – lovin’ it!

Jutt08 says:

@TRBelieve, 265horsepower? thats more money for less car. Im getting the
ZL1 Camaro when it comes out. It should be running an LSA Engine so roughly
550 HP. its gonna be fun playin with the audis on the highways.

mokeyj84 says:

Umm thats not a good comparison. The S5 comes in at half the price to the
m6. I would go with the M6 if you have the funds. The s5 does have a nice
look half way decent power and price.

MsFreshFish says:

@JMGameVideos : S5. – Glad I could help.

youmils03 says:

The A5 competes with the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, while the S5 competes
with the Boxster S and Cayman S. Both cars are less expensive than their
competitors. 100%

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