AUDI A5 SLine Quattro 2011 – Full Exterior & Interior

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2.0 TDI, Manual Transmission, Navigation MMI Plus (10GB + 2 x SD Cards Slots), Sline Interior all Black, 20″ wheels 265/30, Quattro, Bi Xenon Headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Audi Parking…


USSR Gixxer says:

How is the reliability of this? Im picking mine up on monday but worrying
about that. Might cancel the sale.

alex59ba says:

gotta love Chris Norman on the background

Burbon211 says:

Красотка! <3

rogermyself says:

@pregnantnproud Depends, in this case not really, but there are more
expensive leather choices on which I was not keen to try.

horsycos88 says:

My dream car :) take good care of her

Tony Hawk says:

Nice car.. take care of her

pregnantnproud says:

@adidas7525 i think thats half leather half alacantra. I think the full
leather looks more expensive though

C Dubs says:

@rogermyself In Canada it’s the only option if you go S-line, I added every
possible option to mine :-) You guys are so lucky over there when it comes
to German sports cars.. You can probably get what I just bought for a
fraction of the price…

coolmoovies says:

Behh put on some shoes dude

Android0786 says:

stunning car

livdinion says:

S5 has 4.2 tfsi engine, many hp and lots of torque,made for racing. The
S-line is just an trim option,it has only visuals like interior
badges,sport seats optional equipment for the A5 Can someone tell me if an
average 1.80m adult fits in the back seat while another average man sits in
the front seat? I’m tall, 194 cm so behind my seat i doubt there will be
anymore room but behind the passenger seat i’m asking.and if it’s
comfortable enough in the back for in town cruising, not long trips

altimgamr says:

nice car!! thinking about getting one. i like my g37 though. how would you
compare them?

Fred Roman says:

What camera did you use for this video? Very good quality and beautiful car

Justin Trad says:

you have the exact car i want….great car congratulations :)

rogermyself says:

@BigCDaRolla Not really, you can customize the interior as you wish,
depends on how DEEP is your pocket, I guess for the U.S market theres not
mauch choice for the interior but in Europe theres a wide choice, once
again, depende how deep is your pocket.

Bap Gia says:

No leather? Man yo serious?

Thesamilliable says:

fajne japonki :)

circa le says:

hey is does your clutch kinda stick/ feels different when you’ve been
driving for a bit? esp noticeable in first?

rogermyself says:

@adidas7525 I never did liked full leather seats, this one is the same
price but a lot more confortable.

titoli1 says:

Exsact car i want exept i want red seats and black rims

rogermyself says:

@flabergastedfred Its a Sony NEX3, I actually dont like the camera…but I
agree that the camera did a good job in this video. Thanks for the

pregnantnproud says:

@M4sAREbest S line is just a trim level. The S5 can be considered the first
true sports version of the A5, mainly due to its significantly more
powerful engine. Then the one above S5 is the RS5 which ofcourse is faster

C Dubs says:

@adidas7525 it’s the S-line package it only comes in this interior style

danny fohunnid says:

two questions, is this better than g37? and is there a mp3 player for

rogermyself says:

@MH20Music díky.

MrHarco99 says:

pockaj je 2,0TDi ? ved vo videu to ma zvuk ako V6 3,0 TDi :) uplna
haluz ..kazdopadne auto prekrasne ;) moj sen ved preto som siel do
zahranicia aby som si nan co najskor zarobil :)

Oscar Serrato says:

Wait, whats the difference between the Audi A5 S-Line and the Audi S5? I
don’t get it,

rzorNvme says:

earlier today i saw a black a5 or s5 either way aftermarket wheels really
nice black on black. even the driver some hot female brunette. i was
looking at her and then she looked at me an i noticed she saw me so quickly
looked back on the road and so did she.

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