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The What Car? Reader Test Team take a look at the Audi A5 Sportback Read the What Car? Audi A5 Sportback review The A5 Sportback looks g…


S Miller says:

You can pick up a S5 Sportback for £36000

TheMegaCONARTIST says:

Its an absolute stunner.

Rick Stylus says:

@Scudeyyy Originally the A5 was created as a coupe (which is a cool design)
however there’s nothing wrong with the 5 door A5.

TheCarArchives says:

the 2007-present Audi A5 Sportback is assembled in Ingolstadt, Germany

randombloke10 says:

@syketer is that genuinly a question

ThirdLife86 says:

Not much added practicality ? Did he ever check the (in my eyes) huge trunk
? Plus 2 more people can sit better in this car than in the A5 Coupe. How
could that idiot ever get a job as a consultant ? If his advices to
customers are just as stupid as his car advices his boss might want to
think about throwing him out.

rsiow2 says:

Absolutely gorgeous car! Loved the A7 when I saw it, this one is a better
compromise since I’m not a fan of big cars.

DanieruShidebuteru says:

You gotta see Michael Gould’s opinion about the car, starting on 2:34. It
makes me giggle and think: “Yup, he’s a financial advisor alright!” XD

bg1379 says:

WHY was this reuploaded sans any of our comments?? Thats pretty lame. . .

horsycos88 says:

my favorite car :)

yassine maarrach says:

@jimnguyenwithlife sorry , Its not available in The US

Kevin Buckley says:

f-ing beautiful

MoMo says:

These reviewers are morons, the Merc CLS starts at around 70K, which is no
where near the price range of the A5.

Marcel Greb says:


chitpaul singh kallah says:

One of the most practical non estate cars from Audi / VW group..I have. cc
but would consider this next time or the CC shooting break if it goes into
production before I change my CC.

ski808 says:

I see EXACTLY where this car fits and it’s brilliant!

Jim Nguyen says:

I want this car in United States!

Scudeyyy says:

this car doesnt look right somehow. the coupe is better.

Hassan Shehata says:

different parts of the a5 remind me of infiniti sedans

Scudeyyy says:

@RickStylus yh iknow. the sport back looks stretched and a bit weird. just
my opinion.

syketer says:

@mac6251 22 y.o. = all “normal” cars are 4 “boring” People … or not?

PearlescentPoo says:

In America yes, but over here in Britain it starts at £48k.

ski808 says:

I’m a huge fan of Audis, but all models/variants starting to look the same :-(

georgig29 says:

over all..its shit

Alex Arkinstall says:

you guys suck

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