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Srdjan Smudja says:

The steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car.

albboy96 says:

stfu you nasty people commenting on this vid… grow up!! 

Henry Juliao says:

Please bring this car to the states…………

HeavyTankCommander says:

She forgot to mention there is barely any headroom in the front of this car
if you are 6ft tall.

IrrepressibleGuile says:

I usually dont like car reviews done by womean cos they either come across
as masculine or dont know what they’re talking about, but this lady really
does a good job in the few minutes that the vid lasts and she retains her

Rajasekaran Andiappan says:

damn it.. i want this car! I think its the best looking vs. prices

Tom Crisp says:

I think the car would do well in the US market. They can replace the A4
sedan, for that matter. This is just a nicer looking car, and a bit more
practical, too.

TheLuismondo says:

Perhaps I like her stylish good hot look.
Does she come with the car? Good accessory

Mr 5 says:

The car looks stunning…but the girl reviewing the car was simply

Ng Jun Chuan says:

i like her boobs tho

Brad Moyle says:

Oh was she talking ?

fragoso0909 says:

blow me

Malcolmisk00l says:

Pillarless doors on a 4/5 door car? Looks very strange.

Roger Rosato says:

How irritating it is that Audi stopped offering the manual option in all
their models here in Brazil… that would result in a good cut in the cars

eskara23 says:

Advice to prospective buyers: Pay extra for an S-Line model and the Tech
package. As standard Audi really sell these things barebones. 

Yusaku Aoi says:

Nice tits

MikeAesir says:

I have the 2litre tdi s line, love it but I would consider changing the
next lot of tyres from the stock Pirelli p7 zeros to Goodyears harder
compound and less noise. But each to their own 

pb5x5 says:

All Audi’s look the same like they have used a photocopier to design them,
just altered the width/length & so on. You’d never think the designer used
to design Alfa’s. I guess his design wings were well & trully clipped.

Connor MacLeod says:

They need to review her boob

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

She says it’s SE… It’s actually the S-Line

AlJeffersonA1 says:

I want one of those so much it hurts!!!

Ajlan Al Ajlan says:

Can I buy you? 

Toobeast motherfcker says:

dem bewbs

Vertriebsagentur Rolf Tigges says:

nice Car

alek123ish says:

because she doesn’t

BeugelPhoto says:

Comparing an A5 to a 3 series BMW? Yeah goodbye.

BougieTheMan says:

I fall in love with her a little bit more with every review :p

Navy542 says:

I love her outfit!! :D

Jose Carreras says:

She can feel the leather on my shift stick anytime…

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