Audi A6 3.0 BiTDI quattro 2014 review – Motortorque

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john g says:

And shes the cheek to say the A6 is boring.
Ive got one,the interior is typical German(not Germanic FFS) its comfier
than the Merc I cant get comfy in their seats and it doesnt have to stay at
home when it snows like the BMW or wriggle its arse on every wet roundabout.
Its solid,fast and Im getting 40mpg mixed A and B roads hardly any town
The steering is a bit numb but the grip makes up for it and its my 2nd A6
and I still struggle to find the buttons changing from Satnav to Radio ect
without looking down.
I had the CLS 3.0 and before that the BMW5 3.0d and the Audi,day to day
driving is better than both in the real world,Mercs smoother but gearbox
isnt as good and the BMW steers way better but it handles crap in real

snakeshite71 says:

I think she is hot
Nice car too

Bio Power says:

The presenter is a bit dull.

Ma Art says:

I like her nerd styling LOL

MrDard123 says:

she is so hot omgomgomg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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