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Matthew Ip says:

She got prettier…

Love Richardson says:


Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

I’m totally in love with this car <3
But common, it can do more off road!
Also, the XC70 is more a contestant of the A4 allroad. The A6 allroad is
more exclusive, more luxurious!

Doogeruoy Sihtdaer says:

I love Audi’s but can’t really afford one. :

Whitta. C says:

She is awfully distracting :D

SIMcityplayer2002 says:

I like this car, but there is no manual option.

Azaan Habib says:

The A6 Allroad is actually much better off road then you describe it. Just
go to YouTube and type in Audi A6 C4 2.5 TDI Allroad.

Love Richardson says:

What is the interior called

kris blue says:

Anglia, to fajny kraj, tylko dlaczego jeżdżą “pod prąd”. Nigdy nie
zrozumiem tej odmienności

Andrei Simionescu says:

I could do without the attempts at humour

br0lypl says:

This girl is pretty and fast :D

James P. Burgett says:

Audi…please, please, please bring the A6 allroad back the US market.


“Weech and wake adjustment” lol

Alaatin61 says:

The best two things in the world is in one video

Michal Jurík says:

great car, but I if I had to decide between a6 allroad and subaru outback,
I’d go with outback I think

Henrik Larsson says:

That middle seat looks tiny

Stephen N says:

I prefer this presentation style of these over the current form

Akis SebastianVettel says:

How the hell am I suposed to concentrate to the review ??? She’s too damn
pretty and hot !!!! A hot woman who likes and knows things anout
cars….what else can a man ask ??? PLease Marry me :-D

Radi Radev says:

She is HOT!!!

trackermi says:

She is hot!

Snowman Schneemann says:

Yes she makes a lot of good points. However, I’m 6 foot 7 – there’s just no
way her interior space review will ever be relevant to me. And btw,
considering my height interior space is probably the number one factor when
buying a car.

Han Chen says:


Lee-harry C says:

I used a reno clio to move to uni I was fine.. I don’t need know off road

Superdsheppard says:

Is the Volvo V70 as good???

alex59ba says:

English rose?

malangope says:

Put an old fart to review this thing so I can actually concentrate on what
is being said.

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