Audi A7 Premium Plus HD Video Review

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Close Svelte and sleek, Audi’s new A7 turns lowly garages into art galleries. Tom Voelk checks out this supercharged piece of sculptur…


Igor Krstovic says:
ala baa says:


pryncessable says:

Outstanding presentation, great detailing, demonstrations. Oh and
absolutely gorgeous car in and out. Love the brown Mocha color! It Rocks!

Naut Brouns says:

awesome car with cool toys

Greg Newton says:

I love how they tapped all of the power they could out of a super-charged
V6, but it looks like there would be a nice V10 or V12 under there, at
least a V8. I don’t know a lot about Audi though, so I might just be
talking out my ass here. Still a very nice car that I would love to own.

akelodmc says:

@amersfoort1975 learn to speak and spell in proper English before trying to
insult someone in English you only make yourself look retarded and He’s a
great reviewer so you can go fuck yourself you stupid cunt…

Oliseh Kennedy says:

is this is a diesel or petrol? can’t wait to get this car

Driven Car Reviews says:

@amersfoort1975 Borat? Is that you?

gene978 says:

Tom, I miss your reviews. Are you taking a break?

PaedoBear says:

the back looks like a beast in a strange looking way the front a little bit
different from the A6

bill getz says:

Hi Tom, is the color Oolong gray or the Dakota Gray Metallic?

kurtnobrain says:

looks a bit like new 2012 A6

MrHarlemworld says:

nice car BUT I WILL TAKE A BMW!!!!!!!

CARandDRlVER says:

LOL no one in their right mind would buy this over a bmw or mercedes

philip kim says:

is a7 that imposing of a car? my mom said she would buy me this when im
done university but should i wait longer so i dont look out of place?

heemoii . says:

@KoivuTheHab i meant trunk, calm down bro

Aaron C says:

Wow…I guess that’s the typical mannerisms one can expect from a teenager.
In any case, he could easily afford a CLS if he bought it pre-owned.
Mercedes is notorious for their high depreciation rates.

KATastroficKAT Kat says:

Audi’s are great american driving suck we multitask way to much. People
drinking, eating, putting make up on, doing hair, all this stupid stuff and
talking on your cell phone now thats were we american’s need to stop it’s
so stupid I am glad that cop’s are comeing up with great idea’s to stop
people from talking on the phone when they drive to fast the phone will
turn off

ProteanView says:

Loves it

Lollipopchanter says:

what’s with the hair?

KoivuTheHab says:

@heemoii It’s called a Sportback. Don’t mix the word ”Truck” into this,
the A7 has nothing to do with a fucking truck…

OneOfOne says:

really dumbass? its the shoppers who have the nice cars. Ive been a costco
customer for 20 years and the lot always has better than average to luxury
cars in it all the time. youre a moron

Digen Katsuge says:

@apunk015 What the hell is wrong with you??. he didn’t even explain on the
car’s performance on the road except what’s on the paper. the review was
only about the basic features.

Игорь Шепитько says:


MRippedShoe says:

This trunk door seem to be a bit too big/long .Like , if it is raining and
you need to get something from trunk , there is a reasonable risk of
getting all stuf in trunk wet .

Tyler Allen says:

Tony Stark’s family vehicle right there.

SahijApple93 says:

Pussy as Arabs are jealous they don’t live in America lol. Whats that? The
internet your using was made in America hahaha!!!

TheMegaCONARTIST says:

Dream made reality, Audi.

henday750 says:


waseok says:

Dude, like what’s with that dirty nail ewww 2:22

Driven Car Reviews says:

@oldschool1 Think so? Generally I see more premium brands in that lot than
anywhere. A lot of business owners shop there. One of the managers drives a
silver Mercedes CLS, it’s there very time I go to do the TP test.

max audi says:

This car is rock solid – total blast to drive – the bmw gran 6 i saw it at
the auto show and it doesn’t look anything too different from the 6 or 5
series to justify paying more money for. As for me, I can’t wait to see if
it’s worth upgrading from the a7 to the s7

chigasaki06 says:

@AfrikaaBombeetza Lol. German cars in general tend to have lots of
electronic issues. My dad owns a foreign car repair shop and the two brands
always there are Benz and BMW. He always tells me not to get a German car
unless you have a warranty. I’m biased towards Audi, I think they look the
best, but all three brands need to improve their reliability.


Okay then. Did you buy a BMW yet?

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