Audi A7 review – can it match rivals from BMW and Mercedes?

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Full review: Is there such a thing as too much choice? Audi clearly doesn’t th…


awudu94 says:

fantastic car with a sexy exterior and interior 

Tom Crisp says:

Mat, thanks for mentioning you’re in Sardinia. I was wondering if the
left-drive car was meant for your non-UK viewers. Beautiful change of

Lee Hoon says:

The exterior is the best in the “under 100.000 us dollars segment.” but
the performance is only decent.

Lotte Boon says:

It looks amazing

Isaac Koshy says:

Classy LEDs, cool tail gate / boot space, stylish interiors . .. indeed,
the coolest audi after the r8 !!

danielr moises says:

damn the best looking car in the range of normal cars , only supercars look
better than the a7 , and this is a fact not an opinion faggets 

Salman Sarfraz Saify says:

yes it can!!

Timothy Liu says:

this car is simply a work of art. The rear is just SO SEXY!!!

Jose Garganta says:

Amazing car, cant wait to get one..

fastife says:

mentioning BMW in one sentence with AUDI, is the best thing that can ever
happen to audi at all ;) BMW – king of all kings…but being objective – a7
is a nice car, but it’s still an audi :)

Nick Scott says:

Great video

ikks550 says:

99% of visitors here would be glad to be at your place, dude.

TheBlackIdentety says:

Light grey looks really good on it too.

pedja123warchief says:

I am thinking about white..

majd_98 says:

no, you should have came to dubai.

Narrowc ross says:

It competes with the 6-Series not 5 Series GT

TheVancouverJatt says:

work hard!

Ed Wong says:

Awesome review, thanks!

sorion4071 says:

Audi A7 vs Mercedes CLS vs BMW 6 Series GranCoupe

João Dias says:

Only one choice, do the same as your investors, take a risk!

k0walsk says:

Wow it fits an entire Lamborghini Egoista interior in the boot

Brendan BerbleSnap says:

are they selling these in the u.s.

t1f1kyxz says:

come to visit* :P

t1f1kyxz says:

can visit*

LamboSpyder99 says:

Looks like this color was made for this car

MrCleanPolo says:

Beautiful car.

Rhodrijm says:

I’m creaming

TheMiszerak says:

cls still looks better in my opinion tho

nateejl says:

That’s preeeeetty expensive. More than 850 USD, that’s almost a mortgage

Jonesmax030 says:

Your ugly

pljehyun says:

0:21 cant tell if the car is huge or we have a mini reviewer

sorion4071 says:

Best looking audi

Giorgio Valenti says:

All Audi are all the same ;)

Tesla Fan says:

not like your face

Silvester94T3 says:

The A7 in this video is the most desirable car I’ve ever come across

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