Audi A7, ultimate movie

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The Audi A7 finally gets the next gear treatment, you haven’t seen this car until you’ve seen this video. If you like it before you watch it, you’ll buy it a…


Rayaan Shaikh says:

At the end of the day, it still has a tractor engine inside it. Nothing
gives the excitement of a petrol when its hitting 6k rpm

krazyhartin says:

Great car and great vid. What’s the music? All the songs?

Frank Furillo says:

Bob just wanted to thank you for the A7 and A6 reviews. Loved them and
convinced me right to wait for a great spec used BiTDI. Picked up a lovely
low mileage A7 with all the toys (minus the night vision). Great car and I
find myself mirroring you when I floor it – the sound and power stunning.
The added bonus is the MPG which is just mad given the power of the car.

Renaissancedude says:

Thanks very much for your suggestion, I’ll certainly consider it. It’s
interesting how opinions differ, I also did think that the A6 was nicer
looking, especially in the past. I thought when I first saw it that the
A7′s looks weren’t beautiful but a bit oddball, while I liked the A6 right
off. But some others including the guy who works with Emme Hall, I forget
his name now, think that the A7′s the most beautiful Audi.

Bob Flavin says:

@randombloke10 Thanks for watching the video, you are right about the
Audi’s there’s a family look to them but they are all different to drive
and look at. I asked Audi Ireland if there’s an A8 that I could test, they
are having a check and will come back to me. I will do my best to fulfill
your request as I’m a fan of the A8 since the movie Ronan!

Miguel Pereira says:

much more expensive!! big difference, differente league. However much more

pogromcahamuf says:

this guy is amizing and those wheels are all chipped and scratched first
time see nearly new car and that state of the wheels (only in ireland)
owners of those cars are so able to destroy that beautiful things in short
time so sad good luck to the next owner LOL

pogromcahamuf says:

and that music at the end j just funeral LOL

CavanRail001 . says:

We don’t mind that you blew the entire budget on this review, it was well
feckin worth it !. A pure beast of machinery,cost massive, but as you say
Bob, “would I buy one bloody sure I would”…Nice job as ever.

altern8ive says:

@lex33122 the closest match i get is Astor Piazzolla – Primavera Portena
(Spring) (Polar Remix) : watch?v=vonjMoRMl8s

Bob Flavin says:

@altern8ive I’m glad you’re finding some of the earlier videos worth
watching. Seems like years ago that we made this one! I’ve just invested a
lot of money in new cameras and stuff so there might be some more
improvements in the videos. By the way, there is no budget; it’s just done
out of love!

Bob Flavin says:

@malonefan I don’t have one…yet! I actually own a few cars but the main
day to day car is a 06 Seat Leon petrol. It just works and it’s never given
a days trouble even when it’s been sitting there for a month.

Bob Flavin says:

Easy, 640d Gran Coupe it’s the best car I’ve ever driven. Don’t forget this
video was made long before the GC came out.

Renaissancedude says:

Nice vids brother, this is just the second vid of yours I’ve watched, the
first being the one of the A6 TDi Quattro, which I watched just a few
minutes ago. Cool. These two Audis are really two of the greatest cars in
the world. I have a hard time deciding which of these two I’ll get, the
A7′s sexy but the A6, being a diesel, is economical (the A6 is only a
diesel here in Manila) while still a performance car. But I think in the
end I can’t resist the sleekness of the A7.

Tomppa Sailas says:

and no 4wd. All the power is lost. the 230kw biturbo diesel is more logical
than the 640d in my point of view :)

Sir Hendrik says:

what the mode individual

Bob Flavin says:

@lex33122 Thanks very much, we do our best. Unfortunately I don’t know what
that music is, I was a random piece of music that we had on a cd. I’ll
check around and come back to you

Bob Flavin says:

Thanks very much, I’m glad you like it!

Bob Flavin says:

I don’t remember what mic it is, it’s a cheap one though :)

Bob Flavin says:

Hold on ’till you see my next video then make up your mind…the 640d Grand
Coupe might tempt you away :D

Bob Flavin says:

Cheers dude, over a year ago and still getting views. Shane has gone on to
other things so I do the videos on my own now!

altern8ive says:

awesome review Bob and Next Gear crew, if you’ve blown the rest of the 2012
budget on cameras and post processing with this it was worth it :)

rohit gupta says:

Bob im planning to buy the 6 gc , the problem is that i live in india can u
please advice is the ride quality is okay for the indian roads( bumpy roads
in india). i currently drive the 5 and im satisfied with it

lex33122 says:

@Smokerspack ok great…btw…i suggest that u review the s7 when it goes
on sale…that will be epic! 400+ lbft torque 400+bhp :D

malonefan says:

@Smokerspack Sensational work!! Do you have one yourself Bob? What do you
drive?! This seems just an awesome car!!

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