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a single white female says:

It’s funny to me how they always complain about Audi/Volkswagen looks. How
they lack “style” and all of that, but I think Audi/Volkswagens have the
best looking design of ANY cars. It’s that very subtle elegance that really
does it. The cars aren’t acting like they have anything to prove, because
they’ve already proven it.

Giancarlowijman says:

Audi and VW have the best engines . U can say what u want 

guicapone2 says:

ugly from the inside.

RetroGamerVX says:

An eternally dull car, the business suit of cars :o(

Aertraveller says:

Damn it would suck to live in the UK, having to use navigator with your
left hand instead of right which is natural for most people.

Kingsley Mpofu says:

its not in the same league as the new S class.

william says:

this car is gigantic o_o

DAYM says:

How do the Germans rule in the premium cars segment? What about Bentleys,
Maybachs or Rolls Royces?

Every Thing Is Awsome says:

Great car. Audi make the best German cars.

Paul Duncan says:

Bangda & olufsen !

Osama Bin Masood says:

I’d have the S Class over this.

felipe brancher says:


Lucky man says:

Its just a cheap crapwagen

notformebeaky says:

I’m sure this is a capable car, but it’s just so drab.

HAGF says:

Carbuyer If its not a secret , can you ask Me what Wireles Lavalier Mic Do
You use for video . Thanks and sorry poor English

crazywaterz says:

What kind of IDIOT puts a golf bag perpendicular and then says the boot is
small ?!? Are you serious?

Алла Шевелева says:


Cebo Mdluli says:

One day il own this car. Give me 10 years. Four Rings rules <3

Daniel Millard says:

Audi, sensible mans car!.

PCFreak says:

God i want this car so bad!!!

Kusal Harsha Rathnayake says:
waffel gameplay says:

lexus ls v8 5.0 is better

Marion Knight says:

Bmw have really ugly interior and audis isn’t much better.
Mercedes s class is clearly better.

Gaurav Meher says:

top 3

Avi Oberoi says:

Awesome!wish i could afford :(

MissMan666 says:

S Class win again.

rtownz251251 says:

Are you that small or is the seat put that low? 

Christopher O'Grady says:

6.3 litre W12! Surely that’s a slightly bored out and non turbo version of
the VW Group’s 6.0 W12 they use in Bentley contis. Must be enormously
powerful in this A8, never mind the S8.

Alaatin61 says:

I filmed the 2014 Audi A8. Check my channel.

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