Audi Q3 India Review : PowerDrift

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The Q3 is the smallest from the revered Q series. Its not only the most powerful in the premium compact SUV segment, but it also comes loaded with impressive…


shreyas kg says:

That was an impressive one.. Guys can you pls enter in to Land Rover/Range
Rover Family..! Great to see Freelander 2 review from you guys :) 

Justin Murupel says:

as always amazing review…. 

jeet7691 says:

Iron 883 review please!!! Really waiting for that one.
Or the street 750

VR VAMSI says:

SANTA FE or AUDIQ3, please advise.,

Dilip Kumar says:

Good Review ,,,, keep it up fellas


Please PLEASE review the q3s…………

shishir thakur says:

wow man!
you guys have taken reviewing to a different level…
and the camera work!!!…that team is just mindblowing!

thank you so much guys!!

jasfer haris says:


cricketlover says:

Is it coincidence or you ppl always make videos when it rains ? :)

Ritzl V says:

Amazing review guys 

Pavan Kaushik says:

Well done ! An Interesting fun and spirited review of a fabulous car..

Rohit Jaiswal says:

Superb review ever seen
Thanks Power Drift

bhola002 says:

Out of the world style of reviewing cars. Loved it.

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Vishu :)

Debangshu Dinda says:

Plz plz plz review Audi Q5. Its my favourite. I wanna hear from you guys.

powerdriftofficial says:

Kyu Nahi!

powerdriftofficial says:

No compromise on safety! :)

4x4tourer says:

Best review I have seen so far from an Indian auto reviewer … Superb
videography.. Keep it up..

sarun shivanandan says:

Amazing video!!!!! If anyone is planning to go to Lavasa just watch out for
a guy hanging out of the window or boot of a white Ford Figo being chased
by some amazing car. Chances are that you will stumble upon these guys
making the next video just to make your jaw drop to the floor.

Ahadzaa says:

Thumbs up for ten_hut

Asif Razvi says:

i didn’t get the last part after QNahi?

Kishore Mohan says:

PD folks, luuvvv ur works… Gr8 momentum…. Subscribed..:)

powerdriftofficial says:

He says thanks!

Dr.Krishna says:

Wow! Hungry for Mercedes B Class Diesel review please… :)

powerdriftofficial says:

Thank you!! :D

TheArcade12 says:

Thumbs up..!

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Kishore! Hope you are sharing our reviews with your friends on
facebook and Google plus!

Aniket Patil says:

Awesome reviews u guys give..! all the best..! waiting for the Fortuner’s

javed anwar says:

Superb Review. You guys a really doing great job. Cheers

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Krishna, hope you have checked our Audi S4 review as well :)

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Saharsh, glad you found this review ;)

Aditya Nair says:

awesome video dude !!!!!

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks! Do remember to subscribe to our channel for more such reviews :)

Arjun Dharamshi says:


powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Vishu, Hope you have subscribed to our channel to be notified about
all new updates :)

Heigrujam Roger says:

You guys are interesting, funny and has a totally different approach unlike
others which are just plain and boring! I like the music, the editing and
the German accent LOL! I just subscribed it.

nishanth narayan says:

Awesome watched it a 100 times now try reviewing range Rover or jaguar

powerdriftofficial says:

Thank you Aditya :)

Ashwin Madhusudanan says:

A Ridiculously nice review

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Krishna, we are glad you liked the review! We had a tough time
making Ritwik lose that grin. He was like that for a week after having a go
at the Q3! ;)

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Aniket :)

powerdriftofficial says:

Ha ha! Thanks :)

Vignesh Krishnamoorthy says:

Superb review great :)

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