Audi Q3 review – Auto Express

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For more videos visit: Auto Express reviews the new Audi Q3. Model tested is the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine wi…


Krushaaak says:

A really nice car and a good looking too. Haters please stop annoying with
question whats the point of this car, if you cant find out you are probably
stupid or a 10 year old kid who watch top gear too much and doesnt have his
own opinion. Every car in company range has it purpose, and Audi is a great
company that dont employ idiots to make their cars!

tcbecht88 says:

Will it come to the US?

fesen says:

@dunti21 Ye but this is about Audi…since you named some other brands i
can’t say a Bmw 1-series looks that similar to a X1 exept the grill. Haha
Audi might as well call this the A1 Sportback Allroad.

atami210 says:

These kinds of cars are actually quite useful for who need a something with
nice ground clearance and AWD for winter (In Canada it gets pretty bad).
This usually means a SUV, but sometimes people don’t need something big, so
the cars like Q3 and X1 are really useful.

challenger93 says:

@steakIT99 thumbs up

PelikanBatran says:

@rickerbycourt you must be a sissy faggot to like Q3 you cunt!

tmeng87 says:

What’s the cabin size like compare to an x3?

tcgstore2019 says:

shit car for shit heads

Kevin Chew says:

range rover not up to mark? see for yourself.

derek400004 says:

this reviewer is not bad at all! a pretty awesome one i think.

AHMADF93 says:

It’s a city SUV and I believe it’s a good competitor to the BMW’s X1. No
dude, I’m not confused ( 0:07 )

TheUltramarine55 says:

x3 is better 4×4 then the q3…

Vinay Camay says:

No motherfucker!!! mercedes relies on past heritage!! no real improvement
over the years anyway!! MAYBE LEXUS AND ACURA is the best of all!!

alej469 says:

Solid review. Well done.

mike jones says:

not a patch on the baby Range rover. but i’m sure it will be popular

Wenautia says:

I somewhat Iike it…

lffit says:

fed up to the back teeth seeing reviews on Audis, such boring looking cars,
all the same with that front heavy truck like grille.

Radu Andreyi says:

@pigpots Romania is a shitty country I give you that,but it wasn’t me who
says Audi is bad and ugly..I actually own an Audi A4 and as a personal
opinion I belive the new range of Audi are the best looking yet..take Audi
A7 for example(Esquire’s Car of the Year) and for your information I have a
master degree in economics so I can’t go back to school except for being a

JPacheco91 says:

Best off-roaders in the market…. Suzuki jimny, Jeep wrangler, Land Rover
defender. The end.

Iain Johnson says:

Evoque > Q3

arminask says:

what is the point of this car, Audi already makes A6 allroad which is
probably just as capable off-road and a lot better on road. Is this is just
a retarded cousin of Q7

Pedro Pedroso says:

@OmarDammam03 NEVER!!!!

henday750 says:


teemyob says:

The q3 is available as a quattro is it not? I think they mean the q3 is the
only q series available with just fwd only?

Arch says:

I love Audi, but I would rather have an Evoque…

camryt says:

An even smaller, uglier Q7? What is this car for if there already is Q5?
Was it needed? Nope. But BMW has X1 so Audi had to make a similar car.
German companies are just silly.

Oliver Harding says:

if he rote the cheque to range rover no one would cash it, its Jaguar –
Land Rover what a tool

Tim Jones says:

Ugly….and it only comes in FWD or did I hear that wrong?

Triumph336 says:

Besides the interior differences, how is the Q3 better than a VW Tiguan?

Jesper Schoofs says:

looks nice :)

PelikanBatran says:

@steakIT99 yes is a fucking piece of shit, also X1 – worthless garbages
with audi and bmw badge

kkkjamkkkjamkkk says:

i like matt watson

TheEryk03 says:

@steakIT99 is much more useful than X1 and Evoque

bubz75 says:

Car is Beautifully Styled

Crater777 says:

The still have an option of making even smaller, Q1. Something like Polo
Cross. Still useless cars..

milosilic23 says:

How can the Range rover not be up to the mark?! Have you seen the evoque?!

malteadotas4 says:

@tjjtld hey, brits think dentists are useless. Go figure.

William Macaulay says:

One man doesn’t represent 60 million people, ya cunt!! Besides, it’s
spelled Brits, dumb cunt!!

Marine475 says:

Plebeians were actually craftsman and merchants.

chris atkins says:

@yosoyke it’s called Samoa orange :) it looks awesome im English and my dad
I hope will be getting 1, unfortunately not in the orange :(

A Han says:

I fell Audi launched this car for the sake of having a competitor in this
segment . Hardly ground breaking .

emrebozkurt800 says:

If i was any of the German car companies, i’d never allow any Brit do any
reviews of my car.

75samuel75 says:

@TheUltramarine55 X3 has nothing to do with Q3. The BMW version of the Q3
is X1, which is by far a worse car than what the Q3 is.

Tashtan Tashtanov says:

@steakIT99 true, just like bmw x1. These cars lose the definition of SUV

mike7743 says:

is there a better car reviewer than Matt Watson? I think not. respect to
the Brit, from the United States.

axnhd1 says:

ugly audi :c

Arar Marar says:

@steakIT99 its efficient you idiot go drive your amerincan mustang aldo
love the corvette

The99Gambo says:

Range Rover Evogue is much more expensive spec for spec. Need to compare
RRE with Q5 and I would prefer the Q5.

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