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DirtHoleee says:

I must ask; why do cars need a space for skies? Does everyone ski or
something? I don’t think I even know anyone that skies… Also While I am
complaining – why don’t manufactures fit LEDs in other places than
headlights? Like the boot for example. There are always weak halogen lights
in boots, and they do shit all for allowing you to see in the dark. On an
expensive car like this I would expect better. Even on a cheap car I would
expect better to be fair, as LEDs are so freaking cheap!!! Am I right, or
am I wrong?

tavi921 says:

So many unnecessary features for lazy people. Hill descend control? Is this
a joke?

Steph Gijzenberg says:

What’s the added value reviewing this car again?

Nour Nachabe says:

As usual you guys go above and beyond in your reviews! I would have liked a
mention of road and engine noises for next time ;)

Antonio Joseph says:

WHAT? you didnt mention the sound insulation, like road noise, wind noise
and engine noise??? you always do that! its like your trademark

ar43r says:

please dont put your feet onto alcantara. it makes me very sad.
what about the standard suspention? ok or bumpy?

Emilio Insfrán says:

Woohoo! centimeters!

contractki11er says:

The US model has a 40/20/40 seating configuration for the rear.

marwan Issak says:

Finally guys ,you are starting to use the Metric system.

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

Good another 15 plated car. I missed this video, thought the Polo GTI was
the first one.

Malek Huzaimie says:

IMO, this car looks so dull and boring. In terms of design, i think : 2015
RX > 2015 Cayenne > 2015 X5 > 2015 ML >This.

dipro001 says:

*cough* Porsche Macan *cough*

sebxx says:

You forgot to tell about road/wind/engine noises… Especially petrol vs

John Stromboly says:

nice shoes at 3 :30

Sunny Kanwar says:

Am I the only one who gets a feeling this review is paid because nothing
negative is said about a car so very old in the Audi line up ??????? The
dashboard shows so much age !!!!!

Kamaka Chang says:

Thank you for getting back to basics and doing a single video.

Specter Arco says:

Matt is getting fat !

Stefan Surya Andersson says:

When will you review the Volvo XC90?

Sebastien Roberts says:

Not much different to it’s predecessor

BoschExxcel says:

What’s the point in reviewing a car that been on sale for nearly 7 years
and is about to be replaced? An awful car at that too.

Mark Fire says:

Looks OK but also a bit bland.

Comedey central jnr says:

He alwas says that he is 179 centimeters tall thats not tall im 12 and 172
centimetres tall 

Stevan Tosic says:

What about xc60????

94mikyyy says:

Review of a new Renault Espace please?

theguym says:

I don’t even have the money to buy a bike, let alone this car, but I’m
watching these videos like I get to choose a car like this haha. But Matt’s
and Rebecca’s reviews are always fun to watch anyway.

Fabrizio Leoni says:

I was just thinking that a new top gear with Chris Harris, Mat Watson and
somebody else I still have to think of might actually work well.

HitMan6531 says:

I can help feel like this channel has gone down hill since Rebecca left,
not saying that new women is the problem but they upload less now and the
general quality of all the videos have gone down hill.

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