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tavi921 says:

what a useless car class.

Eugene Freeman says:

How beautiful

Lucky Singh says:

Audi rules nothing to say more

Evans owiti says:

Great vehicle, I fancy this cool

15monty15 says:

this guy loves shloer 

damjan carovic says:


Joseph Blowington says:

the q7 is not 50000 pounds. Where are you buying cars? Here in Canada, you
can get a brand new loaded q5 for 55000 DOLLARS. q7 is about 70. You’re
50000 pounds works out to over 100 g’s. I’d be sitting in a brand new
boxter s for that kind of dough.

moneshmahtani says:

@MrMare well, volvo has been bought by the chinese NOW but volvo claims
they still make it in sweden, I dont take chances so im going with the audi.

Adam says:

No need to apologise – I just used to have a Saab so like to make the case
for them every now and then. As you said, Volvo are better known. But Saab
did used to make some cracking cars.

Nico On Tech And More says:

VW owns Audi and Porsche


Congrats on having no money. Go and watch a Japanese car review.

Amaarjeet saini says:


tazzcaaarlovr says:

at least I have a life you prick, I don’t spend my time replying to people
I disagree with and go to start arguments. You better watch all the videos
I watched and then come and fucking judge me(since you are stalking my
channel), see if you disagree with me. I’m not just a fan, I have a BMW.
btw you are telling me to shut up and you just keep going on and on.

hammy y says:

sorry its just volvo are the most well known for safety thats why i put it.
but im sure saab are too!

Jacob Dunn says:

That knob is a BMW idrive knock off

Hamzah Farouque says:

review the Audi Q7.

Miguel Sáez says:

the Q3 is more stilish

Megan Fox says:

no it has been scientifically proven, check wikipedia

magiksity says:

4:07 whats the bg song plz

dofuscato says:

@moneshmahtani They do still make the volvo-cars in Sweden, the factory is
still running. I live kind of next door to one of the factorys. It is also
running on higher capacity than a few years ago, production is way up. They
are also building factorys in China so you never know, they claim these are
for the China market only but in the future you never know what happens.
Anyway, for now production is still running in Sweden. I know several
people who work there, they are not chinese. :)

shawnwright8 says:

he’s wearing the same shoes as me! :D

Dreadzedan says:

Saab had some of the strongest pillars in the industry i think, made the
car like it had a racing roll cage.

xBuzz996 says:

wow didnt believe id get top comment :o

funnypits says:

“They stole the stop/start from BMW”. Yes, you DID say that, you can’t
steal something from someone when they didn’t even invent it. And the next
time you use the original “You mad bro?” line, you should reconsider
starting your comment with “I didn’t FUCKING say that”. Keep trying,

Keito Ido says:

Lol “you can see your future in them” You’re so distracted by the sheer
size of the wing-mirrors that crash into another vehicle, thus resulting in
going straight to heaven. Yes you do indeed see the future.

googleccd079 says:

you mad?

Gautam kumar says:

The wing mirrors are so large that you can almost see the future in them.
Umm. FAIL.

peardrax77 says:

Ok so start/ stop function is different from that button!!! Guess that
proves my gender!!! Lol.

f says:

So what.. our gardener drives an enzo ferrrari..

Bradicus93 says:

@d3vaone Nah he said no faffing about

Joseph Blowington says:

Drove one of these for a daily driver for about a year and a half. Pros:
Everything but gas mileage. It handles well. Super smooth. Decent power
(2.0t is more than enough). very comfortable. looks expensive. Even the
little things like phone syncing. It syncs when you get in, shows you
everything on your phone then wipes clean when you step out of the car.
This car has all the tech a person needs without any of the extra bull.
Amazing car.

Eram Akhtar says:

Does he come with the car? ;)

Megan Fox says:

actually he is right the germans are overall the best carmakers in the world

Mir Ali Talpur says:

matt, which museum did u get that beg from… to demonstrate the boot

Adam says:

This isn’t a comment to start an argument, but in terms of Swedish car
safety, Saab were actually better. They were frequently shown to have the
lowest injury rate of any car in Sweden when it came to real-life
accidents. Volvo always scores very highly in NCAP crash tests, but Saab
just had the edge. Shame they’re gone.

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

I love this guy’s reviews…their high quality and entertaining…unlike
like other “cheesy corny reviewers”

Woofer Cooker says:

poor mans q7?

kingjed15 says:

My 1st grown up car lol

grant160619 says:

We heard you the first time!!

alex swaelens says:

170 hp 0-60 under ten seconds ? that’s not very fast then…

wholeNwon says:

“…there’s no fucking about”. Am still laughing. Can you hear me?


If you live in Britain, Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malta,
Cyprus, India, South Africa & many other countries who drive on the left
these cars are a nightmare. I have just had a test drive in a Q3, it is
incredulous to think that with all this technology & they cant get the
driving position right. It only appears to be a problem in right hand drive
cars, but thats one hell of a big market AUDI have cocked upon. The local
dealer lent me a Q3 for half a day, I took it back after 1 hour

racer83ify says:

Americans Hate Diesels!

Connor Olivardia says:

do they even sell that car in the UK ?

Rod Burke says:

I own a 2010 Audi A5 and it has such amazing handling and road grip I can
push snow with the bumper. I plan on purchasing a Q5 because I am certain
the BMW can’t hold a candle to the Audi handling and traction.

Casey says:

those things that make the seats flat, they’re called Levers or Leavers?


lol, per head we buy 3 times more Audi’s than in the US.

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