Audi Q5 Video Review — Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: The Q5 is Audi’s entry into the burgeoning premium compact crossover category. Stepping to…


Noel Brown says:

i want one of this

George Glaser says:

my Q7 insurance price is 30 percent less than my 2010 f150.

Corveette says:

Acura is where it’s at

lexusES350h says:

I see so many of these here in Vancouver. The rx too.

Liam McNeice says:

@Pepston ex is small as hell, the EX is more like the X1

Aurelio Tijerina says:


quatlen says:

I think I would have the new BMW X3 over this.

Pascual Ventura says:

doesn’t it compare with the Volkswagen Tuareg as well ?

Steven Lebbing says:

Well the people that live a cross from me had a Audi Q5 but she did not
like it becsue it was too small for her well here’s what happend back in
may her husband got a 2010 Audi S6 and had wife use to drove a 2007
Mercedes Benz GL450 that she hate it so he got a Audi Q5 for her but they
have 4 kids and they have lots of cars so they were think that they did not
need big SUV’s anymore but the Q5 was stall too small for them so now she
drive’s a 2010 Audi Q7.

jphameezy says:

the price on this car is ridiculous

fs9lover says:

the merc glk is CRAP!!!

wallefaik says:

what about the xc60? :o

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2008-present Audi Q5 is assembled in Ingolstadt, Germany Changchun,
China Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India Shah Alam, Malaysia

kabasti says:

Audis are nice but too expensive to own

nyak63RUS says:


djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

how about reliability? audi usually flunk in that area?!

Ezekiel7410 says:

Really thorough review, Kelley Blue book does a great job at a well rounded

XBOX8125 says:

“if u like a car that does everything well you will like this” that really
helps me buy a car

BlackOpsAFG says:

@LCL2Houston go build and comapre faggot Acura has more hp and standard
features bitch and much cheaper

ormand3000 says:

@paddy991000 do you want a prize?


i hate how the led drs go out when turn signal goes on.bmws halos dont go
out when the signals turn on.cmon audi get it right

hemipwr321 says:

OMG, I live by these roads they test their cars on!

rzar66 says:


patrick james says:

you may not like this car if you like to ride in style.

gfdsx1 says:

this car doesn’t deserve to be an audi, its tooo cheap for an audi. i got
the audi a8l


get this car and u will automaticly get a girl that matches its beauty…,,

Tyler Allen says:

@itsTiLER or the cadillac srx

bp011utube says:

2012 BMW X3 FTW!!!! Thank God I sold my Q5

heemoii . says:

what the hell? convertible q5? r u serious? terrible idea!!! 2:00

tube02148 says:

$55,000 and they give you a compact disc player, seriously can i get an
ipad built in. how about an nvidia ion2 graphic chipset for that navigation

T Scott says:

Are they serious!!! those other vehicles dont even fkn compare!! LMAO,
Acura MDX epic fail!!

JLP Design says:

That chick is hot

juksmovies says:

The most beautiful crossover SUV ever!

Pepston says:

Doesn’t it compare with the Infiniti EX too?

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