Audi Q7 4×4 review – What Car?

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Read the What Car? Audi Q7 review The Audi Q7 gives you imposing looks, plentiful engine choice and a reasonably sporty driving experien…


Evans owiti says:

Excellent classic 

Jose A. Ramirez says:

I own a Q7 2008 and i had a X5 2007, Q7 has better performance and

Audi Q7 says:

The Quattro 4-Wheel Drive system provides the Audi Q7 with good grip and
traction through and out of corners. Plus, this makes the vehicle competent
in mild off-roading

Mark Britt says:

This video is so dull. . .

Jat23tekkers says:

Audi fan
1)Range Rover
2)Audi q7
3)Bmw x5

Null69Sax says:


austyn pollard says:

What car?

terrence connor says:

overall 5.5 stars I love VW. AG

Toby West says:

£8000-£9000 costs per year! :O

rrahim655 says:

Nice car but not the money


The link dosen’t work…

karvahanuri says:

This channel should be named: WHAT!? A CAR!? GRRRR!!!

djodjoosman says:

Nice car audi q7

Archie Roylance says:

Fancied one of these until ‘travellers’ with a white Q7 and a large caravan
broke into our yard and made camp. The scales fell from my eyes and I saw
it for the chav-mobile it really is.

FUCK202 says:

You’re right, it doesn’t. No idea why and I can’t remember what it was.


The problem with the Q7 is that it has no redeeming features. It’s
over-sized, ugly, isn’t great on road or off road.

7moud10 says:

Nop its not =))

GamePlayTV says:

That’s the proper side.. :-)

FUCK202 says:

Actually it does – It’s not over-sized, it’s sized right – would you want a
7 seat SUV the size of a Fiat 500? It’s looks are completely opinion, and I
like it. It offers 7 comfortable, spacious seats AND luggage space, along
with the Mercedes GL. Most 7 seaters you choose either luggage space OR 7



jh5kl says:

indeed its a bad review, great car

MegaMasterMC says:

Everything is where it should be.. except the driver’s seat on the right
hand side lol :D

Tim X says:

I dont wanna a Citroën C4 Picasso

rishixs46 says:

Overall rating of q7 – 3 stars… why?? Because it’s not british, but
german? If it was any land rover, it will get 4 or maybe 5 stars


However the X5 is a dignified car compared to the very unpractical Q7. Yes,
it is true that the Q7 offers a much bigger cargo space compared to the X5.
And the Q7 got just 3/5, That’s just humiliating… The X5 got 4/5. So my
conclusion is that if you want a more luxurious, comfortable, sportier and
practical car then the X5 is the perfect choice. However if you’re looking
for a big SUV that isn’t good off or on road and is as big as a bus with no
redeeming features the Q7 is the one

Mamoun Mohamed says:

driver’s seat should be at the left to control ur car well

Liam McNeice says:

And you drive a civic.

TheShepster80 says:

This review is for the uk market! (where fuel prices are extortionate) and
would be very expensive to fuel. i think it would be better suited to the
american roads as it is the size of a bus. How ever the Q5 maybe?

minddisturb says:

0:39 he’s not happy..

FUCK202 says:

Well, the GL and Q7 aren’t 5.5 metres, they’re 5.06 metres which is quite a
difference – they’re about the same length as a large saloon like a
S-Class, A8 or 7-Series, and as I said, the benefit of the extra length
means luggage space + seats rather than seats or luggage space. You just
have to decide whether you want a shorter car or luggage space and seats at
the same time. Also the Hyundai Santa Fe is about as boring as it gets.

FUCK202 says:

Also have a look at this – /watch?feature=endscreen&v=zERGl0H2B9Q&NR=1

Jumppy JA says:

Lol, I hope you’re not serious with that statement..

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