Audi Q7 Review – Kelley Blue Book

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Chavurdad says:

just bought one! its the best 4×4 in the world

svtarley says:

bad ass features

xptunes says:

@3x0rcyst3m the editor was drunk

gs550caferacer says:

I am debating on buying a Q7, just scared of issues it might have. I am
looking at an 07 4.2L. Has anyone had any major issues from 40k miles and
up?? Pretty good reviews, but you get the occasional bad review.

micjozz says:

my brother wants to buy the new audi q7 , he has got $85.000 and license.i
want the audi q7 too. but the problem is: i’m 15 years old !!!

Karam Musleh says:

wooooooooow best car on the world ever,,,,,

jdewan says:

umm when was I judging anything?

bastardsen says:

be aware of buying this Q7! better wait for the next generation – the Best
& it will come at beginning of ’11

therealalexrider says:

hehe, passing wind

skbuoy says:

GM is history!!!

drisdrisdrisdris says:

Great car, I would love to buy one for … myself.

Malaydude says:

ha ha dude ur like me cool, cool but weird=) at schools i have straight A’s
in all the honors and advanced clases, i swim and play soccer. When i am
older i am becoming a cardiologist. I am a loser, ha ha yeah right=0 My
garage will be 370z, Cadillac Escalade, 535i my question does 370z have a

BETO1BETO2 says:

this is a beautiful car, and hopefully it will be my next car.

jektopi says:

well of course it has a stick shift.

Randy T says:

Very nice car. Interesting, the two countries the U.S. destroyed (Japan &
Germany) during World War II have a superior educational system, health
care system and automotive industry. Where did America go wrong?

d3r0n says:

The AUDI TDI is coming to america soon.

HSetOSCAR says:

@Alecoc14 Yeah, the V12TDI version is much better! But I still prefer Auto!

bxmxwx7822 says:

hahaha the x5 was a pic of an x3

dragonupper1 says:

Q7 In a heartbeat, I never see them here in Indiana, all I see are soccer
moms in Cayannes.

Sean O'Brien says:

not consider mercedes or bmw luxury? to me lexus is a wanna-be BMW and
nothing but over-priced camrys.

jdewan says:

what the hell is wrong with your grammar?

carlos1jr says:

drunk editor strikes again……

jektopi says:

oh and the sound that it makes when you step on the gas… damn! who needs
stereo?! lol

J0HN91 says:

hmmm. they do.

hanscholo says:

It’s an overpriced Touareg, Not to say it’s not a quality suv, But you can
get the same suv at about 10 grand less if you go with the Touareg as
oppose to the Q7.

3x0rcyst3m says:

yeah, they showed an X3 when they said X5

quatlen says:

i wish kelly blue book would make more video reviews of the audi line up

oskeisa says:

where is the Volvo XC90 on your list :P Lincoln and Cadillac suck.

Karam Musleh says:

@e334343837 i wana take u my car if u want that,,cooool

youmils03 says:

Neither of those companies suck. Lincolns are ok cars, and I LOVE Cadillacs
(how ’bout the Escalade with a ton of standard features and 403
horsepower?) (or the CTS-V just over $60,000 with 556 horsepower?). I did
forget the Volvo XC90, though. I’ll agree with you on that.

Kenneth Mobuto Cartwright says:

I Love this Q7 i want one so bad…

Ggevorkyan says:

@viper898989 the g55 is 550 horsepower.

robertbrown1988 says:

some of the ”options” are standard on other luxury brands… audi should
change that, esp. for 41k… ???

ZSilhoette says:

40k? hmm i think i’ll prefer this car than a lexus sc430. its now in my
list ^_^. btw the car dis guy said bmw X5. isnt tha an X3 cuz it looks
smaller n shorter to be the X5.

shabatshalom12345678 says:

My vehicle…

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