Audi Q7 v12 review

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Oh yeah, from the 2008 archives: check this 6.0 V12 TDI engine with 500 diesel hp’s and even more torque in an Audi SUV! Via…


Israel Singer says:

@wtflip620 this is from 2008….this is how it “used to be”…..come on
read the description before you make your comments….duh….it has become
more fun as you can see,…..and at the end of the day, its all about what
the ‘producers’ want….so they probably told him to develop and have more
fun and freedom with the reviews….that’s why the show has gotten so much
better now

Goazbox says:

nice review, though 1 point of criticism… the ceramic brake feeling you
spoke about, i’ve heard ceramic brakes always feel a bit distant and dont
give the feedback regular brakes give. still a good review though, keep it

권 혁준 says:

You look depressed

nic3Chris says:

This is dutch, not german

S1l3ntHunt3r94 says:

@thiefzakum They put Audio instead of Audi Audi made ceramic brakes not
Audio ;D

Jeg Faller says:

3:15 he goes to get some tits..?

joep2240 says:

…de TDI’s rammelen en doen? de nieuwe common-rails niet meer…die zijn
perfect :D

TheXshot says:

Sheeeeet that thing is beautiful

DoubleYouPee1 says:

I was just about to make a comment about the silent/depressed tone!!

sukrainfreak says:

@metra46 Wel you’re just jellers because you don’t have one of these

Remi Schijve says:

it IS a V12 smartass

Shiva Yogeswaren says:

Uploaded on my birthday! :D

Stupid Flanders says:

Titz! That’s where I’d be heading, too!

Sjirk Bruinsma says:

I like it;)

TheEryk03 says:

Amazing car.

sinoperture says:

No towing? Tow bar?

joep2240 says:

:D lolz

GMJBullseye says:

Depressed because he is driving a diesel! PC Hoofdtactor!

Kush Patel says:


DvT093 says:

@wtflip620 This one actually IS old. The new ones are far more funny and

juukame says:

alrigh,t come on….3:14 was pretty funny,

Shiva Yogeswaren says:

3:16 Lol wut titz?

theonlylolking says:

@nic3Chris Anyone who thinks this is german has not heard german.

S1l3ntHunt3r94 says:

@thiefzakum hh I don’t understand him :)

Metra says:

@sukrainfreak you are stupid

JCrashB says:

Tits @3:16!

jonowee says:


ricepaddy69 says:

@wtflip620 “Check out your older reviews!” I believe we just did… from

Mejevoli says:

LOL he said it’s a V12 -_-

nino ninoo says:

we have this in v6 version

joep2240 says:

cool :D

Jason Gruger says:

erg vette bak maar bij auto rai er in gezeten en toen vond ik t toch wel
tegen vallen met de ruimte binnen in

Bhaveen Kerai says:

3:13 lol

Thomanic Foo says:


wtflip620 says:

@theJaPsTeR1 oh… i was thinking this car came out a while ago haha I
still stand by what i say though. Some recent videos have been a bit mellow

kagolko says:

If I was rich. doing 300 km every day and wanted to feel safe – I would go
for this v12 tdi Q7 for sure. what a monster and it does much better
economy than huge powerful petrol engine + doesn’t need any reving and
all!! what a comphy car to drive.

Ahmed Saanee says:

I stopped watching this video after a couple of seconds you started talking.

Ja Nee says:

wat een beest

Mysticismer says:

@orangmiri you what?

Vincent bier says:

@wtflip620 Vind je t gek na zon ´zomer´ ?

rammstein2001 says:

TITZ…i love that town…and i`ve never been there

orangmiri says:

Is he depressed because it and Audi AND a diesel? Would still suck his cock

radar3699 says:

LOL GUYS, its from 2008

mchow777 says:

i didnt know there’s a city called titz

jackstutorial ss says:

shut your mouth

wtflip620 says:

Wouter… What happened? These reviews have become so monotonous and all
about stats and feedback has become so basic and like any other reviewer.
You seem depressed or bored. These reviews aren’t bad at all, very
informative actually, but what happened to your zest, your character, your
joking around and personality. Main reason why I began following
autoblogger, which differentiated you from others. Check out your older
reviews! They were so much more FUN. thanks you for the reviews though

Tatsy Imhere says:

500 hp in a diesel suv woo woo woo :D

thiefzakum says:

@S1l3ntHunt3r94 what do you mean?

_HOON_ says:

Thanks for the English subs!

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