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Daniel Millard says:

Take on lamborghini will they build the lamborghini engines :). The R8 is a
awesome looking supercar!.

Alaatin61 says:

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joe cung tyf joecungytf says:

i think i saw a road kill at 1:10

Ciber says:

I’d still rather have my 85 1/2 Porsche 944 over this.

647killa says:

Is this guy seriously recommending paddle shifters over a proper manual on
such a wonderful sportscar? *facepalm*

Rytis36 says:

That exhaust note MMMMMMM… I am so close to have jizz in my pants

Syakir Bin Abd Karim says:

r8 or 911 turbo s?

Daniel Kemnitz says:

Let me tell you guys THE BEST thing about the old R8.. it’s automatic ‘box.
You might be laughing now, but follow me on this one: see the automatic was
such a bad choice it forced everyone to buy their R8 with the manual..
Which just happened to be the best ever 6speed manual.. In the world! R8
should ALWAYS be fitted with a lovely, bolt-action sniper rifle-kind of
manual like in the 1st gen R8 V8 !

Alaatin61 says:

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Alaatin61 says:

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glenn spicer says:

just what you need when you`re out having a nice walk along a country lane,
some ponce in a pointlessly fast car hurtling towards you.

harry cronos says:

Sweet Jesus what a car

Ryan Yeomans says:

My dad got one but convertible in black

Joseph Chorlton says:

Audi R8 VS Ferrari 360

John Anderson says:

gta 5 brought me here

Jack Holmes says:

Time to get ill when ya in THIS sick yo… :D

juanvga says:


IrrepressibleGuile says:

hold, you the reviewer used a much bigger water bottle when reviewing the
nissan gtr and made a lot of noise about its lack of storage space, for
this video he used a smaller bottle and simply brushed off the lack of
space. That says he is a bad reviwer as he does compare like for like. So I
am unsubscribing from this channel

Gergely Kondás says:

poor baggage….

Jimmy Christian says:

Santa: Dear LORD …

NazGul C says:

R8 is awesome!!!

Gavin Griffiths says:

Yeah it’s alright but I’ll stick with my punto

arun abraham says:

don’t listen to car buyer the audi r8 is a whopping 9/10 on the bbc top
gear and let me tell you they are much more reliable.

Rachel Williams says:

audi R8 Is Fast!!

andreas goffeng says:

This is gallardos sister

Jamesesc1 says:


ivedrivenAudi says:

The dream!

Jiahao Jin says:

i like this R8

Rachel Williams says:

posh car lol :)

Abz Dore says:

i won R8 and trust me its a shit… i wish i bought ferrari 458 instead :(

Ferrarifazer5269 says:


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Xxlr5xX says:

i think people think lambo is better because of rap

Shortgrauzis says:

god this car is sexy


My dream car

itsfadii24 says:

being broke sometimes sucks

HectorNintendoCraft says:

1:09 Oh dear…

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