Audi R8 GT3, best sounding Audi ever? | evo REVIEW

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In an exclusive track session Richard Meaden drives Audi’s 2014 Nürburgring 24 Hour winning R8 LMS Ultra. Despite having over 2000 hard miles of Nordschleife…


LawGamerHD says:

penis looking air vent xD

Vai Rostampour says:

That exhaust sounds fantastic 

Jason says:

it’s just a German car with a Lamborghini engine…

Bruno Danese says:

How can Audi make such good AWD racing cars, and yet their quattro road
cars are just understeery pieces of shit.

Hit me quattro fan boys. But quattro is SHIT for track days

Raditram says:

Now that we have that, Audi Sport it’s your time now to bring your little
S1 rocket to the wrc ;) 

jayfulf says:

Intro gave me goosebumps, so tight

sunil solanki says:

Glorious exhaust note.

And Dickie, have u been on a diet mate? 

Diu Nei says:

Nothing sounds better than Ferrari V12, Honda Vtec Engines. 

Brett annica says:

You should hear these things in person. I was privileged to be a guest of
AUDI at the Bathurst 12 Hour last year and spoke to Markus Winkelhock a few
times. Nice guy, very laid back. The change downs from 300kmph + with the
pneumatic clutch is breathtaking to hear. The LMS’s were racing against
Mercs, Ferraris, Porsche etc and the sound just obliterated all of them.

Luc Verhoeven says:

How is this better than an S1 Quattro?

keithskillz90210 says:

What a HORRIBLE review. All he kept saying was how similar this is to the
road car…which I find VERY hard to believe. The aero, track width,
different transmission, ride height, engine management, and weight
reduction would make this a DRASTICALLY different car than the road car.
If it didn’t, the conversion wouldn’t justify the $500k price tag.

Arya Ahmadi says:

Is it possible to power-slide one of these or will it spin immediately
after losing traction?

LorenTzo Liak says:

Congratulations for their achievements …one of my dreams it is to see
Audi competing in F1… 

carlos ortiz says:

Okey where is the 911 gtr3 when u need it

Melvin Wong says:

If they’re selling these like Porsh doing with the GT3…

White Rose says:

He said the car can “Accelerate better, corner better and stop better”.

Which is just bullshit, a racing car can do those things *FASTER* but to
say it does them better is an insult to the technical achievements of the
Audi engineers that built the road cars. Watch your semantics, you should
employ me and i’ll show you how a proper review is done. 

Guillermo Hernandez says:

exciting car
dull driver

Ryan Coveyduc says:

Guy sounds like Murray Walker.

Marcello Pitzanti says:

what about audi s4 sound? 

3dkiller says:

great sound on the Audi R8 GT3

Blackhawk51806 says:

It’s up there, but you can’t beat the 5 pot turbo.

blingloli says:

The Audi Quattro S1 is the best sounding Audi and this will never change.
Nothing will ever beat that 5 cyclinder sound

TheEryk03 says:

Audi sports for ever! AUDI for ever. 

JackSwatman says:

Then downshifts though!

TobRacer says:

Normally I hate Audis… But I must admit the R8 LMS is extraordinary !
That V10 is epic… I’ve been to the Spa 24 Hours race last year and
honestly, I enjoy that sound a lot with Aston’s V12, BMW’s Brutal V8,
Mercedes’ Monster V8, Ferrari’s Mighty V8 etc… Yea, GT3 cars are simply
amazing !

Pasxali K says:

The sound is amazeballs!

ianiva says:

Great stuff! Thank you!

lelegume1635 says:

Is the gt3 version of the r8 awd or rwd?

Michael Kappel says:

it.s a german car with getman engine TFSI..invented by VW..Lamborghini uses
TFSI..a german engine..Lamborghini was buy it by Audi

dhedhemit says:

Wow, PCARS really nail the sound of this car. Spot on down to the gear

James Lerner says:

Is it still all wheel drive? Or did they make it RWD for the race car?

Acideg4spoon says:

Sorry EVO, there might be a misunderstanding right here. The title is: Audi
R8 GT3: Best sounding Lamborghini ever. 

EnglertRacing96 says:

not even close,
the best sounding audi ever, is the audi quattro sport driven by walter

JoeyandLindsay says:

This is phenomenal! Surely beats what top gear can do. I wish you could
include some telemetry on-screen, though.. 

NZsarge1 says:

Nice video, you’re a lucky so and so getting to drive those two awesome

Cactaceae33 says:

is this one v8 or v10 ? sounts like v10 but no sure

Matt Henderson says:

What a lucky guy! I’m very jealous – still, if I can’t do it myself it’s
nice to hear from a journo who speaks my language. Good job Dickie.

Jason says:

bu the way great video 



Trane Francks says:

That exhaust note is pure sex. Music for the soul.

Matthew Howse says:

just hearing that engine note makes me smile:]

MIke says:

Amazing car… orgasmic sound, excellent video editing. We need more of

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